The FBI and Liberal Media Collusion Grinds On

Written by Robert Knight

Someone in the FBI keeps leaking materials that agents seized during the shocking, unprecedented nine-hour raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home on August 8.

We know this because supposedly sensitive documents keep turning up in the Washington Post. Of course, they do. The paper justifies its eager role in the FBI-fueled witch hunt against Mr. Trump by claiming concern for “national security.”

If that’s their motive, the Post should report on President Joe Biden’s dangerous foreign policies and his perversion of our armed forces into a “safe space” for Corporal Klinger. Oh, and the invasion by millions of illegal aliens. Instead of securing the border, the Biden team on Thursday held up another “come on in” sign by streamlining welfare benefits to immigrants.

Owned by Amazon magnate Jeff Bezos, who has let a Marxist clique ruin his publication, the paper is trying to relive its Watergate fame by taking down Mr. Trump once and for all. In the 1970s, the Posts daily vilification of Richard Nixon came courtesy of leaks from FBI Associate Director Mark Felt, who the Post code-named after a porn film, “Deep Throat.”

Caught in a coverup, Mr. Nixon avoided being impeached by the Democratic U.S. House only by resigning. What he did was bad. But measure it against the Obama and Biden Administrations. They ruthlessly have used the IRS, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA and other agencies for years against political opponents. They still are.

Periodically, we see very public and unnecessary arrests of Trump staffers. In June, on a flimsy charge, FBI agents hauled former Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Peter Navarro off a plane at Dulles on his way to an appearance on Mike Huckabee’s TV show in Nashville. They put him in leg irons. These actions clearly are intended to intimidate not only Mr. Trump’s supporters but anyone running afoul of leftist orthodoxy. Shut up or this will happen to you.

Anyway, Mr. Trump is proving to be a tougher target than Mr. Nixon. Two impeachments over phony charges didn’t work. The January 6 Stalinist show trial isn’t doing the trick, either. The committee has even lost its “bipartisan” Republican fig leaf, U.S. Represenative Liz Cheney, who Wyoming voters heaved out in a massive landslide.

The three-year-long, Trump/Russian collusion hoax for which the Post won a Pulitzer Prize has been exposed as the work of Hillary Clinton’s Democrat machine. Like its ideological sister the New York Times, the Post is not remotely curious about this or any other Clinton scandal. This particular disgrace dwarfs Watergate and was abetted by the FBI, major media and Big Tech. Mrs. Clinton’s home server scandal involved breaches of national security, destruction of emails and smashed cell phones. Yawn.

Big Tech and Big Media not only shilled for Mr. Biden throughout the campaign, but they censored the New York Post’s devastating Oct. 14, 2020, story about Hunter Biden’s laptop at the FBI’s suggestion. Talk about “semi-fascism.” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted this on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The computer has footage of Joe Biden’s son with underage girls and drugs, along with evidence of vast Biden family business deals in Ukraine, Russia and with communist-controlled companies in China.

A survey commissioned by the Media Research Center shortly after the 2020 election showed that as many as 17% of Biden voters would not have voted for him had they known this at the time.

“A shift of this magnitude would have changed the outcome in all six of the swing states won by Joe Biden, and Donald Trump would have comfortably won a second term as president,” the MRC concluded.

The coverup isn’t over. ABC, CBS and NBC “continue to hold back from their audiences the latest shocking revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s various scandals,” MRCs Newsbusters site reported in late August.

No, the real threat to America isn’t the Deep State corruption epitomized by the FBI’s thuggish behavior that is strangling “our democracy.” It’s those “MAGA Republicans,” as Mr. Biden said in his spectacularly divisive Philadelphia speech on Sept. 1. The optics were right out of “Triumph of the Will,” the film that Leni Riefenstahl made in 1935 to elevate a certain German elected leader to godlike status.

Some pundits say that Mr. Biden’s handlers know exactly how bizarre the whole thing was and that their aim was to take voters’ focus off skyrocketing inflation, crime, rotten schools and the border crisis.

I don’t think that will work. Do you?

Robert Knight is a former Los Angeles Times news editor and writer and was a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. This column was originally published by The Washington Times.

He has been published by the Wall Street Journal, National Review, the Christian Post,,,, and many others.  He has co-authored three books and written 10, including “Liberty on the Brink: How the Left Plans to Steal Your Vote” (D. James Kennedy Ministries, 2020) and “The Coming Communist Wave: What Happens If the Left Captures All Three Branches of Government” (D. James Kennedy Ministries, 2020) . 

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