Democrat Party Should be Dismantled Over History of Slavery, Racism

Written by Alex Newman

With mobs of indoctrinated young people now targeting America’s Founding Fathers and even the foundations of the nation under the guise of tearing down “racism,” a much more logical place to start would be dismantling the Democratic Party. The party’s shameful history is literally filled with vicious racism, violence and oppression of black Americans.

It was America’s Founding Fathers who enshrined the then-revolutionary idea that “all men are created equal” and are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” This biblical ideal at the heart of America’s founding laid the foundation for abolishing slavery not just in America, but worldwide, despite the scourge having been ubiquitous throughout human history. It took time to realize that dream, but it eventually happened — first in America, later in other places.

The Democrats fought the process every step of the way, however. Less than one fourth of Democrats in Congress supported the 13th Amendment to end slavery. All 118 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor. Literally no Democrats supported the 14th and 15th amendments granting blacks full citizenship and protecting their right to vote. After Democrats lost the slavery battle, they worked fiendishly to restrict the rights of blacks in any way possible, including by founding the Ku Klux Klan and using terror.

By contrast, the Republican Party was literally founded in the mid-1800s in large part as a force to oppose the racist pro-slavery extremism of the Democrats. And of course, it was Republican political leaders, including President Abraham Lincoln, who fought to liberate black Americans from slavery and other oppression against the backdrop of staunch Democrat opposition.

As Democrat politicians were oppressing black Americans in the South, the Republican Party platform of the late 1800s blasted the

“inhuman outrages perpetrated upon American citizens for political reasons in certain Southern States of the Union.”

In most Southern states, the GOP was largely formed by black and white Americans working together.

After the Civil War, and less than a century after the Declaration of Independence, blacks were able to serve in elected federal office. Unsurprisingly, all seven of the first black members of Congress in both chambers were Republican, as documented in the historic 1872 print by Currier and Ives available through the Library of Congress. A congressional probe that same year conclusively documented the crucial role played by the KKK in the Democrat Party.

After Republicans ensured that blacks would have equal rights, Democrats turned to terrorism and extra-legal tactics to suppress them. At the 1868 Democratic National Convention, former Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest was honored as the KKK’s first Grand Wizard. That vile organization was then used to ensure that black Americans could not exercise their rights. Thousands of black and white Americans were lynched by the KKK, too.

Long into the 20th century, the KKK and their Democrat allies were still oppressing and terrorizing black Americans across the South. For instance, Democrats and their KKK allies pushed gun-control to disarm their black victims. And it was Democrat Woodrow Wilson who brought segregation back to the federal government.

Unfortunately, this Democrat racism is hardly ancient history. U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia who served in the U.S. Senate until he died in 2010, was the “Exalted Cyclops” of a KKK “Klavern” and even served as a recruiter. “Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels,” Byrd wrote in a letter to a fellow Democrat racist from Mississippi.

Even years after he claimed he left the Klan and apologized for his role in it, Byrd was still praising the group in letters to the Grand Wizard of the KKK, according to the Washington Post. Despite that background, top Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have showered him in praise, even recently. Biden, for instance, described the former KKK leader as “a dear friend.” Clinton, meanwhile, referred to the late KKK bigwig as her “friend and mentor.”

Curiously, as Democrats and their Antifa and Black Lives Matter storm-troopers on the streets vandalize monuments and demand the removal of even anti-racist heroes, little fuss is being made about all of the buildings and roads named after Byrd. Despite their supposed concern over the “legacy or racism and slavery,” the radicals in the streets are suspiciously quiet about the Democrat Party’s actual legacy of racism and slavery, aiming primarily at Republicans instead.

Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza masterfully documents the Democrat Party’s long and sordid record of supporting racism and slavery in his best-selling 2016 book Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. The evidence is conclusive: the party of racial hatred and oppression in America is and always has been the Democratic Party.

The next year, D’Souza published The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left. Among other points, the book highlights the fact that the Democrat Party’s ideology is “virtually identical” to fascism. Recent unrest and violence proves it. The book also documents the eerie parallels between the tactics of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party and the Democrats — tactics that are getting more and more extreme and dangerous every minute.

To this day, black Americans continue to suffer the most under Democrat policies. The most violent riots and protests against alleged racism and police abuse, for instance, all took place in Democrat jurisdictions. The chaos destroyed huge numbers of minority-owned businesses and wreaked havoc in minority neighborhoods that will suffer the consequences for years to come, while predominantly white neighborhoods were left largely unscathed.

In light of the narrative now being pushed, more than a few black Americans have argued that the Democrat Party and its backers are still pushing racism, especially by infantalizing minorities. For instance, the absurd narrative that black Americans will only succeed with help from whites and government has been widely decried as racist. It is also self-evidently false, as countless Americans of all backgrounds have succeeded in America through their own hard work and perseverance.

Today, however, more and more Americans of all skin tones are starting to understand the ugly history of the Democrat Party. Black Americans are waking up to the Democrat Party’s false narratives, too. Consider that the latest Rasmussen poll showed more than 40 percent of black voters approve of President Donald J. Trump, even weeks after the killing of George Floyd dishonestly blamed by Democrats and their media allies on the president.

The facts are becoming increasingly well known, too. Writing in the Washington Times, prominent Chicago-area Pastor Aubrey Shines blasted the Democrats’ divisive lecturing on alleged systemic racism in America when they are the true culprits. “The great irony here is that yes, there’s plenty of systemic racism in our country; it’s all wrapped up in the history of the Democratic Party,” he wrote.

Young black celebrities are also speaking out. “The policies you [Democrats] have implemented have been the figurative knees on the necks of my people for centuries,” declared black activist Damani Felder, founder of the popular show The Right Brothers. “And it is because of you and your failed leadership that many of us still can’t breathe today.”

Whenever the facts are pointed out and cannot be ignored, Democrats and their apologists dishonestly claim that the roles of the political parties were “reversed” and that today, racists are at home in the GOP. In reality, though, the Democrat Party’s top leaders are so racist that presidential candidate Joe Biden could openly state that black people “ain’t black” if they are unsure about whether to vote for him or Trump. And instead of being drummed out, party leaders shrugged.

Instead of targeting America or its Founding Fathers, who laid the foundation to abolish slavery and achieve equality for all not just in America but worldwide by enshrining “created equal” and God-given rights, Democrats could dismantle the Democrat Party to prove how “woke” they are. Unfortunately for America, they would rather lie and burn down the country before admitting reality. Still, the truth must prevail — and it will.

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