Regressive Progressives’ Hypocrisy

Written by Laurie Higgins

It’s difficult to take seriously “progressives”—you know, those who endorse human slaughter and sexual deviance—who caterwaul about Trump’s character. What are their criteria for assessing character?

We know “progressives”—henceforth referred to more aptly as “regressives”—don’t care about sexual continence or sexual propriety: They love John F. Kennedy, his Lady Killer brother Ted, and credibly-accused rapist Bill Clinton. They even reelected Lady Killer Kennedy multiple times. They also reelected Barney Frank 11 times after

it was discovered that Barney Frank’s boyfriend, Stephen Gobie, whom Frank had once hired as a male prostitute, was running a male-brothel out of the Congressman’s home. Frank claimed he did not know about the prostitution ring in his home, but he did use the power of his office to “fix” 33 tickets for Gobie. And he knowingly wrote a misleading letter to Gobie’s probation officer in Virginia. Frank received a “reprimand” for fixing the tickets. Gobie maintained that Frank knew about the prostitution ring operation in his home.

We know regressives don’t care about diversity or redistributing wealth: Do any of them advocate low-income housing in the affluent communities in which they live, and move, and have their being? Do they beseech the boards of the elite private schools to which they send their own children to desegregate economically by offering free tuition and busing to impoverished, fatherless children from gang-infested, inner-city communities? Do they even support vouchers, so these children can have just a crumb of the kind of school choice that these wealthy regressives have?

We know regressives don’t care about the just and restrained use power: Bill Clinton continued to be beloved by regressives—including regressive women—long after his workplace sexual misdeeds with an intern were exposed. This occurred waaay after second-wave feminism had taken root in America, so no one can plausibly claim women weren’t woke to the sin of powerful men sexually exploiting female subordinates. And Barack Obama issued so many executive orders that so exceeded his presidential purview that Democratic constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley warned Congress about the threat Obama’s actions posed to the Republic, saying Obama’s actions posed “‘one of the greatest challenges to our constitutional system in the history of this country’ and one that ‘threatens a fundamental change in how our country is governed.'”

We know regressives don’t care about truthfulness or honesty: They reelected Barack Obama knowing full well that he had lied about opposing same-sex faux-marriage, about having a transparent administration, about being able to keep your doctors under Obamacare, and about Benghazi. And regressives wanted Hillary Clinton—a Nixonian-caliber liar—to be president despite her infamous and still missing email.

We know regressives don’t care about comity or forgiveness: They love Hillary Clinton—a nasty, vindictive termagant whose humiliating public dressing down of Vince Foster was likely the proximate event that led to his suicide. And Sheila Jackson Lee has served in Congress since 1995 despite being twice named the meanest member of Congress by the Washingtonian.

We know regressives don’t care about women’s rights: They’re all in for the sexual-integration of women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and athletics.

We know regressives don’t care about science or reality: They refer to cross-dressing men as “she” and believe men can become pregnant.

We know regressives don’t care about the importance of rhetorical decorum: Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Rahm Emanuel, both Clintons, Rashida Tlaib, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ted Lieu, and Tom Perez are all known for using profane and obscene language.

We know regressives don’t think compassion for immigrants requires massive illegal immigration: Most of them have in the past advocated the very same policies conservatives today advocate. Regressives haven’t “evolved” on this issue. Rather, they’re abandoning principles in their rapacious quest for social and political power.

We know regressives don’t care about foolishness and ignorance: They worship Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

We know regressives don’t care about human rights or the least of those among us: They’ve long-supported the legal right to slaughter incipient human lives in the womb, and now they’re moving outside the womb to infanticide. They’ve long defended the slaughter of humans who by virtue of their biological imperfections regressives deem unworthy of life. To regressives, preborn humans are literally—to borrow a phrase from Emma Lazarus—wretched refuse.

So, no, I don’t take seriously regressives’ strategic faux-outrage about Trump’s character flaws.

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