“Election Fraud and Christian Patience” (Illinois Family Spotlight #224)

Written by David E. Smith

A week has passed since the general election and still, questions loom – among them, who and why? Election fraud has left the outcome of the presidential race (as well as other national and state contests) up in the air, and serious doubts remain as to the integrity of the voting and tabulating process. Many Christians are also wondering why God has allowed such confusion to happen and where is He in the midst of this political mess. Monte Larrick and I are pleased to welcome Rev. Myles Holmes and Rev. Calvin Lindstrom to the podcast to share wisdom and a biblical perspective on the lead up to the election, the aftermath, and what will likely be on the horizon for Christians.

Pastor Myles and Pastor Calvin discuss how Christians should pray and respond in these unsettled times and they consider how we “fit” in God’s will. While lamenting the disappointing silence of many pastors and evangelical leaders regarding the candidates and the issues, our guests’ message is overwhelmingly one of encouragement based on the sovereignty of Almighty God and the Truth that is found in His Word.

Pastor Myles Holmes is the co-pastor of Revive Church in Collinsville, IL and an IFI board member.

Pastor Calvin Lindstrom is the pastor of the Church of Christian Liberty and Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL. He is also an IFA board member.

"Election Fraud and Christian Patience" (Illinois Family Spotlight #224)