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LaHood Wins GOP Primary for Vacant 18th District Seat

0708 ill race

Written by David E. Smith

In a Special Election held yesterday, Illinois State Senator Darin LaHood (R-Peoria) easily won the Republican primary to replace disgraced Illinois politician Aaron Schock and the open Congressional seat in Illinois’ 18th district.  The seat has been vacant since Schock resigned on March 17th.

LaHood beat libertarian Mike Flynn, a Breitbart News editor who has lived in the Washington area for the past two decades.   According to the Peoria Journal-Star, LaHood won the special primary election “by more than a 2-to-1 margin.”… Continue Reading

LaHood vs. Flynn in the 18th Congressional District Special Election

Mike Flynn

Written by David E. Smith

Good people who vote are beyond weary of all the lying and hypocrisy that goes on in politics.  I suspect many good folks turn off politics entirely because many of our elected officials have abandoned integrity and will say whatever the voters want to hear during a campaign with no intention of keeping their word.

Mike Flynn — candidate for the vacated Congressional seat in Illinois’ 18th District — is the latest example.… Continue Reading