LaHood vs. Flynn in the 18th Congressional District Special Election

Mike Flynn

Written by David E. Smith

Good people who vote are beyond weary of all the lying and hypocrisy that goes on in politics.  I suspect many good folks turn off politics entirely because many of our elected officials have abandoned integrity and will say whatever the voters want to hear during a campaign with no intention of keeping their word.

Mike Flynn — candidate for the vacated Congressional seat in Illinois’ 18th District — is the latest example.

Marriage is simple.  But not for Flynn.  His passion for political victory in the place he abandoned has obviously gotten the better of him.  He is trying to derail frontrunner Darin LaHood’s campaign in an important special election.

While Flynn grew up in Quincy, he evidently rejected Midwestern values twenty years ago when he went to the world’s new Sodom – Washington D.C. – to make a name for himself.

He’s running as a Republican, yet Flynn freely admits that he voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

Obama is the most aggressive and powerful supporter of all things “gay” in the world.

While in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama was the only legislator who spoke against a bill that provided legal protection to all babies born alive during an attempted abortion, including the right to medical care. This was identical to a federal bill that ultra-liberals Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer voted in favor of.

Obama was considered one of, if not the, most liberal state senator in Illinois’ history. And Flynn voted for him.

Flynn fully understands that the 18th Congressional District in Illinois will reject any candidate that is wobbly on the definition of marriage and the LGBTQ agenda. He claims that he supports a Federal Marriage Amendment on the Illinois Family Institute voter guide while at the same he’s OK with “gay” marriage and believes it’s inevitable.

Is it possible that he’s simply saying what the 18th District wants to hear?

Listen to Flynn in his own words from Breitbart:

Personally, I’m rabidly agnostic on the issue of gay marriage. Marriage is just something I don’t think the government has much business mucking about it in. I think eventually there will be fairly wide recognition of gay marriage, but that time is not now.

Flynn isn’t content with deceiving the good voters of the 18th Congressional District.  He’s also intent on gutting the Republican Party.  Few  issues are more fundamental to the Republican Party, and its success, than traditional marriage.  Yet Flynn says he “dislikes” the Republican Party’s support for marriage.

The July 7th special election is vital to protecting conservative values and principles and that is why I want to encourage all voters in the 18th Congressional District to get out and cast a ballot for Darin LaHood. With election day the Tuesday after the 4th of July weekend, early voting is a great way to ensure that your voice is heard in this important election. Early voting throughout the district is going on now until July 6th, contact your local county clerk for hours and location.

It is important to note that Darin LaHood has served four years in the Illinois General Assembly as a state senator and has a proven and solid pro-family record.  I am convinced that Darin is God-fearing man who will stand strong for religious liberty, speak out on the sanctity of life and uphold the true definition of marriage and family.

That’s why I’m supporting Darin LaHood in the upcoming special election on July 7th.    I hope you will too.