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Trump is More Popular Than Obama and it’s Driving the Fake Newsers Nuts

Written by Autumn Price Johnson

President Trump’s popularity is soaring among voters in spite of round-the-clock attacks from CNN’s Jim Acosta and others in the Fake News industry.

“When they see the anger from the media – the seething rage against this president, it drives people to the president’s corner,” Republican National Committee spokesperson Kaley McEnany said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

McEnany cited a new Rasmussen poll showing President Trump has a current approval rating of 48%, while former President Barack Obama had an approval rating of 46% at the same point in his presidency.… Continue Reading

Backlash: Appropriate Only When the Liberals and Media Say It Is

Written by Jody Patterson

A “backlash” is simply a reaction to a situation, development, or political action, etc. A “backlash” maybe an adverse reaction but it can also be a just and right reaction.  “Backlashes” should not have a negative connotation for all situations; at times they are warranted and needed to enact change or justice.

The liberal/progressive groups and the media selectively “backlash” and have knee-jerk reactions when it suits their agenda. It is nauseating to see liberals and the media discuss a potential backlash against Islam in the U.S.… Continue Reading

The New War on Conservative Media


Censoring conservative voices from social media.

Written by Daniel Greenfield

Remember when Hillary Clinton won a landslide victory? The fake news media which predicted it in order to depress pro-Trump voter turnout certainly does. And so they’re out to fight “fake news.”

By fake news, they don’t mean their own raging torrent of misinformation and lies.

The media has gone to war against Facebook. While various supporters have blamed Hillary’s loss on everything from the FBI to internalized misogyny, the media has decided that Facebook is to blame.… Continue Reading

Bozell: ‘Public Now Knows It’s Not Getting News…It’s Getting Leftist Propaganda’

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Written by Craig Bannister

President-elect Donald Trump’s win is “a massive repudiation of the press,” Media Research Center (MRC) Pres. Brent Bozell declared today at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Accompanied by other top conservative leaders, Bozell warned the blatantly biased liberal media that the American public is now on to them, so their credibility may be lost forever:“The public now knows it is not getting news from the ‘news’ media.”

“Liberal media were the second-biggest losers last night,” Bozell said, noting how the “press treated Trump supporters with utter contempt.”… Continue Reading