Backlash: Appropriate Only When the Liberals and Media Say It Is

Written by Jody Patterson

A “backlash” is simply a reaction to a situation, development, or political action, etc. A “backlash” maybe an adverse reaction but it can also be a just and right reaction.  “Backlashes” should not have a negative connotation for all situations; at times they are warranted and needed to enact change or justice.

The liberal/progressive groups and the media selectively “backlash” and have knee-jerk reactions when it suits their agenda. It is nauseating to see liberals and the media discuss a potential backlash against Islam in the U.S. after any bombing, gun attack, truck attack, or attack du juor that a terrorist chooses. They perch themselves on their high horses looking down at the common people and in unison repeat the same talking points, hoping said attack doesn’t create a “backlash” against Islam. They proclaim that Americans shouldn’t let these terrorist acts affect our thinking on Islam, and certainly shouldn’t affect any of our refugee or immigration programs.  According to them, this sort of reaction would be “Islamaphobic” and unjust for a country like America, the great melting pot, to participate in this kind of thinking or make any proposal for policy change.

In fact, they go as far to say that reducing or modifying refugee programs could radicalize more Muslims, which would in turn generate more terrorist attacks. Media and the liberal thought process suggests if America enacts change to our refugee/immigration policy from hostile Muslim countries then America might face Muslim “backlash” via terrorist attacks.

So why doesn’t the media preach to the Muslims and hope there isn’t a “backlash” against the U.S.? Let’s see them sit on their high horses and tell the Muslim community that these policy changes are an effort to protect its citizens and that it is a “new normal,” instead of preaching to the American people. Why do Americans have to adjust in our own country to a “new normal” of two to three terrorist attacks a year? As the “new normal,” shouldn’t it be the refugees and immigrants endure deeper background checks and vetting as they try to come into our country so that we can ensure that they are not part of a radical sect of Islam or a terrorist group?

Essentially, the media and the liberal/progressives want us to do nothing and accept this “new normal” while they sit back asking questions about why the FBI or CIA didn’t catch an attacker before it happened. They loathe anyone that suggests changes to the refugee and immigration policies.  Even though there is evidence that terrorists and jihadists are using the refugee programs of the West to infiltrate those countries, grow their networks, convert others to their ideologies, and finally, commit terrorist attacks.

Let us look at the reactions of the media, liberals, and progressives to mass shootings, whether perpetrated by Muslim terrorist or a deranged individual. Their immediate reaction is to backlash against the law-abiding gun owners and the NRA. They will condemn anyone that doesn’t want to see certain guns banned, large-capacity magazines banned, or even a complete ban on gun ownership. They pine for the day that 2nd Amendment rights are done away with and we become an unarmed society like the British and Australians.

The progressives and the media are perfectly ok with backlashing against the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens spelled out in the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, I believe they have earned the moniker “gunophobes.”

They are adamant that no American needs an AR-15 or high-capacity magazines, and that we need to have a background check for any gun or ammo purchase. Yet they abhor any immigration or refugee policy that mandates better vetting and background investigation of those coming from hostile nations. They only want U.S. citizens to endure onerous background checks for individual private sales in the free marketplace, which won’t affect criminals or terrorists in the least.

Even after a mass shooting that involves an Islamic terrorist (San Bernardino or Orlando), the media and liberals go after the NRA, the 2nd Amendment, gun owners, and the FBI instead of demanding that Muslim leaders quell and stop this radicalization.

I have to say that their logic and reasoning skills are wanted and have anointed themselves the judge of appropriate backlashes. Or maybe they have an agenda.

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