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“The Church is the Conscience of the State” (Illinois Family Spotlight #216)

IFI squeezed our 2020 Worldview Conference in Febuary, right before the shutdown began. The conference was held in Barrington, IL and featured Dr. Robert A.J. Gagnon and Dr. Michael L. Brown. This episode of spotlight features Dr. Brown’s lecture from the conference, “The Christians Role in the Public Square”. Dr. Brown walks us through the reasons Christians should be involved in politics and why it is important.

Watch the video from the conference on our YT channel here.… Continue Reading

If Joe Biden Becomes President, He Will Declare War On Your Religious Freedoms

Written by Dr. Michael L. Brown

In order to make his policy proposals perfectly clear, presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced, “The Biden Plan to Advance Lgbtq+ Equality in America and Around the World.” He should have titled it, “The Biden Plan to Restrict Religious Freedoms in America and Around the World.” Or, “The Biden Plan to Undo the Freedoms Secured Under President Trump.” The cat is out of the bag.

To be sure, there are some praiseworthy elements of the Biden Plan, emphasizing compassionate care for hurting people.… Continue Reading

Why Trump Is Gaining Conservative Christian Supporters

Written by Dr. Michael L. Brown

A recent editorial in the New York Times confirms the results of my own online polling. President Trump appears to be gaining more conservative Christian voters than he is losing.

Writing for the Times on October 5, Jeremy W. Peters compiles an impressive list of former Never Trumpers who are now firmly in his camp. And quite a few of those on his list would identify as conservative religious voters.… Continue Reading