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Excellent Analysis Of The Latest Federal Indictment Against Trump

Written by David E. Smith

As you know, yet another federal indictment of former President Donald J. Trump has been filed. This time for his efforts to protest the results of the 2020 election. Many legal experts and political pundits are saying this will be an extremely challenging case to prove, as it involves questions about freedom of speech, election interference, and whether the specific charges brought against him hold water legally.

In an interview with Morning Wire, attorney Andy McCarthy speculates that “a good 90 percent of it, is politically protected speech.Continue Reading

Justice for David Dorn?

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Man Accused of Killing Retired Black Cop Never Served a Day of 7-Year Sentence

Had our criminal justice system been working the way it should, perhaps retired police officer David Dorn would still be alive today. Yet there will be no calls for true criminal justice reform to ensure that repeat violent felons like Dorn’s suspected murderer are locked up, even as there is rioting for justice for George Floyd when justice is already well on its way to being served.… Continue Reading