Excellent Analysis Of The Latest Federal Indictment Against Trump

Written by David E. Smith

As you know, yet another federal indictment of former President Donald J. Trump has been filed. This time for his efforts to protest the results of the 2020 election. Many legal experts and political pundits are saying this will be an extremely challenging case to prove, as it involves questions about freedom of speech, election interference, and whether the specific charges brought against him hold water legally.

In an interview with Morning Wire, attorney Andy McCarthy speculates that “a good 90 percent of it, is politically protected speech.” He goes on to say,

And the fact of the matter is, when you’re talking about core First Amendment protection, which is what political speech is in a free republic, you’re allowed to engage in aggressive speech, in obnoxious speech, and even in false speech. What you can’t do is incite violence. And he’s not charged with that…

In his daily podcast (episode 1779), Ben Shapiro examines this federal case against the former president and labels it “bulls***” in his title. To be clear, Shapiro is not a Donald Trump supporter, and he cannot be confused as a MAGA advocate. Yet as a conservative political commentator and attorney, he clearly sees how our government is being weaponized to punish political adversaries, even going as far as to say that “there is an overt attempt at this point to stretch the law to get Donald Trump.

We highly recommend watching/listening to this special episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show” podcast to get a better understanding of this dangerous trend and abuse of power.

Even the editors of National Review, who have been very critical of the former president for his words and his actions, said that the special prosecutor in this case, the special counsel, “is endeavoring to criminalize protected speech.”

This Trump Indictment Shouldn’t Stand

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