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Will They Finally Pull Plug on Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute?

Written by Robert Knight

Years after the founder of Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute was exposed as a fraud and sexual predator, some Hoosier State legislators are moving to defund the sex think tank.

On Wednesday, the Republican-dominated House voted 53-34 for an amendment to the state budget bill barring money for the institute. All Democrats voted against it, naturally, joined by seven kinky Republicans.

HB 1001 got final approval 66-29 on Thursday and was sent over to the Senate.… Continue Reading

When Old Friends Like Reader’s Digest Go Off The Rails

Written by Robert Knight

When my wife and I were in Colonial Williamsburg several years ago, we talked briefly to a store clerk about an unwanted change – the passing of a longtime pharmacy in the Market Square area near the William & Mary campus.

The pharmacy had an old-fashioned lunch counter that served up the best milkshakes and limeades we had ever tasted. Now it was gone.

As we lamented its replacement by a chain store, the clerk stiffened her spine and barked, “Change is good!”… Continue Reading

Bill Foster Parties with Hefner

June 27, 2012 — Carol Stream, IL — David E. Smith, Executive Director of Illinois Family Action, a sister organization of the Illinois Family Institute, issued the following statement regarding tonight’s fundraiser for Bill Foster hosted by former Playboy CEO Christie Hefner.  Foster is the Democratic candidate for the 11th Congressional District:

“It’s disappointing to learn that while Bill Foster has been too busy to tell Illinois voters whether he supports the job-creating Keystone pipeline or explain why he stood with Nancy Pelosi in voting for open homosexuality in the military by voting to overturn the policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, tonight he’s making time to party with former Playboy Magazine CEO Christie Hefner,” Smith said.

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