The Durham Report: Deep State Corruption Exposed

Written by David E. Smith

They lied to the American people.
They have proven that we simply cannot trust our government or corporate media.

Special Counsel John Durham released a 316-page report this week on the origins of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. It is deeply troubling. Even Mike Pompeo — who  served as director of the CIA (2017 to 2018) and as U.S. Secretary of State (2018 to 2021) — concluded:

The Durham report confirms that intelligence officials pushed the Russia hoax based on lies concocted by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
This disinformation act did enormous damage to our country.

The Durham Report reveals a triangular collusion between three corrupt parties. One party is the Hillary Clinton campaign. They originated the fraud, wanting to damage Donald Trump’s reputation and not only defeat him in the election but also divert attention from Hillary’s legal problems, including her deleted emails, questionable contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and illegal campaign donations.

The second part of this unholy alliance is, of course, the FBI and other intelligence agencies. The FBI knew the Trump-Russia collusion claim was not true from the start. Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith admitted that he falsified a document during the bureau’s efforts to renew FISA surveillance authority against Carter Pagefraudulently editing a CIA email in 2017 to state that Page was “not a source” for the agency, when he was.

The third party in this unholy alliance is the (woke) corporate media, which played the role of accessory, repeating these Russian collusion lies ad nauseam. There was plenty of information for journalists to uncover, which would have shown that “evidence” of collusion never existed and that government officials were manipulating the media (wink, wink) into reporting their unproven, unsubstantiated narrative. We should not expect an apology or a retraction. (Read more HERE.)

All these entities, from the Clinton campaign to the intelligence agencies to the media, are equally hostile to Trump. Why wouldn’t they unite in a common effort to defeat him? Why wouldn’t they lie? Why try to verify things that could only thwart the whole effort? The end goal (apparently) justified the means.

To learn more, I want to recommend watching/listening to the first 41 minutes of this Ben Shapiro commentary as he labels it “the most shocking political scandal in American history.”

Additionally, I want to suggest watching/listening to this 6 minute segment of the Dinesh D’Souza podcast featuring journalist Trish Regan to learn more about the Durham Report and what it means. The two discuss how Durham paradoxically exposed a corrupt plot of election interference involving top officials and yet declined to indict a single perpetrator.

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