The Mother of All Scandals

Written by David Prentice

There is an answer to Hillary’s question, “What Happened?”

And yes, it should be considered a dumb question rather than a book title.  But the short answer to her question is:  She fooled almost the entire left, for over two decades.  Oh wait, that was a book title, not a question.

And therein lies her biggest problem.  She’s not really asking the question as she should be, she’s not reflecting.  Instead, she’s wagging a finger and blaming everyone else for her loss.

Back to the Clintons fooling the left.  Let’s start counting the ways.  She was not just smart, she was the smartest woman ever.  She was fully competent and capable in everything.  She fought bravely for all the right issues.  She was more qualified to be President than anyone who preceded her.  She was, and is, the bright moral compass pointing the way forward to the left (who they believe should be all of us).  She was the Yin to her husband’s Yang.  They were the best power couple ever, a beacon of truth shining in the darkness.

Except they weren’t.  She has proved that over time, and her book tour is confirming it.

And the left is about to melt down as she and hubby finally are revealed for who they are.  Who are they?  In a nutshell, they are the left’s version of Elmer Gantry: frauds who love adulation, and even more, love money, power, and fame.  If you think the left melted down when Trump won, wait until they have the scales fall from their eyes as this new scandal engulfs her and her party.

Because this is the mother of all scandals.

Trump has used his branding genius on this scandal already.  He called it this generation’s Watergate.  Which has to grate on the left, the media has once again been duly trolled.  After all, nothing was worse than Richard Nixon.  Ever.  Now, most have heard the media scoundrels use the term dog-whistle.  It’s overused, and abused on the left, a smirk, a knowing wink and they all come alive, cackling when they use it.  Well, Trump just whistled for them.  “Watergate, Modern Age.”

Watergate.  The Holy Grail of the left’s media triumph.

But he has done more than just dog-whistle, or throw the media a tweet to drive them crazy.  He’s been slowly amassing information and evidence about the mother of all scandals.  Tom Clancy at his best could not have written a more exciting thriller.  Which is what we are watching.

I have a burning question.  What did the President (Trump) know, and when did he know it?  Because if there has ever been a more exquisite time to bear down and stay on this scandal, it’s now.  My take:  He has slowly amassed a giant dossier of evidence, but this one isn’t fake, it’s very real.  He announced it.  Listen to the dog-whistle.

“Watergate, Modern Age.”

Trump has many sides, and one of them is his rough and tumble, shoot from the hip side.  Say things that shouldn’t be said, tweet at four in the morning to drive his enemies crazy.  Keep moving, keep pressing, never back down.  Never surrender to political correctness.  Show them shiny objects as distraction, but stay the course.

Another side, seldom paid attention to, is his ability to craft a long-term strategy.  Couple that with his highly developed instincts about how to implement that strategy, and you have one formidable opponent on your hands.  One who loves to win.  One who formulates a goal, and pursues it relentlessly.

Ask his GOP primary opponents.  Ask Hillary.  On second thought, don’t, because she will never know what happened to her, because she never wanted to know what was happening.  She was too busy luxuriating in her ill-gotten gains.  While she was breaking out rare champagne on her campaign plane, Trump was busy visiting the battleground states.  While she celebrated prematurely, he was in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the early morning of November 8, with a final push to eke out that state’s electoral votes.

It’s this side of Trump that we are witnessing.

The left’s being fooled began a long time ago, but the country began to see it when they had a massive hissy fit about Hillary losing.  Safe spaces and therapy were all they had to comfort them.  And “resisting.”  We all have witnessed their psychosis for the better part of a year now.  One ugly toddler tantrum after another.  And it’s not just their leaders and media stooges.

As a nation we have just endured, and will continue to endure the Weinstein scandal, and have seen the squalid underbelly of the left’s cultural greats.  The collusion to hide just how ugly, hypocritical, and immoral the culture of the left, as embodied by Hollywood, is out there for the entire country to see.  This is who the left is.   Ugly, hypocritical, greedy, and without conscience.

And on the left they’re shocked, shocked to see just how squalid they all are.  All the actors and actresses who benefited from their silence suddenly are not so silent.  So brave, all these years later.  But they put up with everything they preen on about hating, and put up with it for decades while making money and having fame.  The left has been in CYA mode for weeks now over this scandal, trying so hard to get people to look elsewhere, anywhere but linking it to one of the Democratic Party’s most faithful fundraisers and bundlers.  He was the Clinton’s good friend.  This was a big wound to the left, and will fester.

The big shoe dropped when Trump branded the Uranium One scandal in his impromptu press conference.  It had to be covered.  And Hillary Clinton has now responded.  With denials.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders has doubled down, saying:

“I think that this further proves if there was anyone that was colluding with the Russians to influence the election look no further than the Clintons and the DNC. Hypocrisy at the highest level and a new low in politics. Everything the Clinton campaign and DNC were falsely accusing the president of doing the past year they were doing it themselves.”

And now the FBI witness has been cleared to speak to Congress.

And now there are calls for new congressional investigations.  And calls for special counsels to investigate the Uranium One deal.

And the Republicans have grown a spine, joining in these calls.  The theory of evolution is proven.  Jellyfish evolve.

As the weekend began Friday night, the reaction came: word was leaked that a charge has been referred to a grand jury by Special Counsel Mueller, with an indictment and arrest expected as early as today.  It is a choreographed diversion, providing an excuse for Hillary’s media allies to avert their gaze from the unfolding trap.   The question is, is it the “deep state” Mueller trying to shift away from the Clinton scandals that have erupted, or is Mueller simply doing his job well?

Leaks over the weekend also suggest this is about Manafort’s associations with the Podesta Group, and not Trump.  Leaks suggest it is about illicit money transfers, aka money laundering, back in 2012 and even in earlier years.  Obviously, that has nothing to do with Trump.

Either way, all of Trump’s ducks are lining up.  Even if Mueller is indicting someone to obfuscate and change the news cycle, the jig is up.  There is too much information exploding about Uranium One, and it’s not going away.   If he indicts Manafort over his ties to the Podesta Group, then the news cycle is about to explode.  I suspect this is what is happening, but we should know today.

Trump’s position looks good, he looks happy when he talks, and has for many weeks.  He is in control.  He sees the long game, and knows he is holding all the cards. It appears he has entrapped them all in this scandal called Uranium One.   The FBI and the Deep-State.  James Comey.  Eric Holder.  Loretta Lynch.  The Clintons.  Barrack Obama.  The leftist news media.  Real collusion, with a real crime.

And it really is the mother of all scandals.  Allowing the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium for money.  The biggest breach in national security since the Rosenbergs gave away the atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union.


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