Liz Warren: The Next Obama

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Written by James Lewis

The radical left is never satisfied with its power.  It always wants more.  Two terms as president won’t satisfy Obama’s power-lust.

On December 12, 2014, CNN reported that “300 ex-Obama staffers” had written a public letter urging first-term senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for president.

Obama could have stopped that move from his homeys.  He chose not to, and probably encouraged it behind the scenes.

A few days ago, Robert Reich was quoted by our trustworthy media to the effect that “Elizabeth Warren would be a strong primary challenger to Hillary Clinton.”  And Obama’s good buddy Deval Patrick has endorsed Liz.  Add EMILY’s List, the AFL-CIO, and the usual cast of suspects, and it looks like the radical left is going for Warren.

Warren, a fraudulent “Native American” affirmative-action professor at Harvard Law, represents the same radical left strain that Obama does.

Obama lives for power, and being as self-centered as a spinning top, he lives for his own personal power.

Yes, Hillary is running, but Liz Warren looks younger and more militant to the radical left.  The standard Liz Warren PR photo shows her leaning over a lectern, haranguing her audience, a pose amazingly like this famous V.I. Lenin poster.  Most Americans won’t see that, but it thrills the radical left, just as Obama’s Soviet imagery did when he was the Messiah incarnate.

If Warren is “miraculously” elected by the leftist media, Obama hopes to get eight more years of enormous influence and power.  He may just leave his own puppets in the government, like Lois Lerner in the IRS.  These people don’t leave things to chance.

Obama and the Clintons have a hate-hate relationship – which is why Hillary’s e-mail scandal has hit the headlines at this time.  The media are still Obama’s obedient servants.  They must have known about Hillary’s personal e-mail server, since thousands of people in D.C. have been getting those emails, complete with her private “sent-from” address on top.  Hillary’s personal aide Huma Abedin, the most visible Muslim Brotherhood loyalist in this administration, also used the private Hillary server. It would be interesting to subpoena those electronic records.

Eric Holder had three private e-mail addresses; Lois Lerner had hers; and the White House refused to say whether the Obamas have theirs.

You can guess the answer.

Yet only Hillary was hung out to dry in the lackey media, just a few weeks after they scored on Bill Clinton for his Lolita Island trips with Florida billionaire Jeff Epstein.  All that is old news, trotted out to weaken Hillary’s campaign at this time.

If you were feeling relieved that the media are suddenly being honest, think again.

When the Obama-Warren radicals decide to take Hillary out, the media will expose another big Clinton scandal, and Obama’s tame billionaires will switch their money to Warren.  Obama has always used scandal-bombs to win elections, and this time won’t be different.

That’s one scenario.  If it comes true, Liz Warren will owe Obama, big time.  He won’t be shy in demanding his rewards.

The Clintons themselves have always lived in this mafia world, and no doubt they are planning their own counter-moves.  But in Chicago nobody fights City Hall, and today, like it or not, Obama is da Mare.

People like Obama don’t give up power if they can help it.  Not even when their corruption becomes a danger to national security.

Washington rumors say that Obama wants to be secretary general of the United Nations.  With the usual unconstitutional sleight of hand, the U.N. can be fiddled into an unelected global bureaucracy, exactly like the European Union today.  But to become secretary general, Obama needs to be nominated by the president of the United States.  Liz Warren would do it as a quid pro quo.

In leftist jargon, this network of unholy corruption is called Third Way Socialism, an idea Tony Blair came up with after the Soviet Union crashed around 1990.  In Third Way Socialism, leftists manipulate capitalism to get what they want.  They don’t kill off capitalist productivity, but turn it into an engine for their own power.  This is Crony Socialism.  Today, it also means active collusion between the international left and two big Islamofascist powers, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.

Obama has surrendered to Iran’s nuclear program without getting anything in return.  In Egypt and Turkey he actively supported the Muslim Brotherhood.  Qatar, the biggest funder of ISIS, is also a close ally of the Brotherhood.  Obama’s half-brother Malik is a big money man in the MBs, and a potential source of huge sums of unaccountable campaign dollars.

Obama represents the hard left of the Democratic Party, the same people who were rejected by moderate Democrats during the Stalin period.  Harry Truman, JFK, and LBJ came from the moderate left.  Jimmy Carter ran as a moderate and ruled as a radical, especially in foreign policy.  Bill Clinton was some sort of hybrid, but Hillary is close to the Alinsky left, Obama’s own homeys.

Today’s Democrats claim to be “liberals,” when in fact the radicals are in control.  “Liberal” is a cover name.  “Progressive” is a throwback to the old, old Marxism.  Obama has nothing in common with mainstream liberals like JFK.

Obama is the most extreme leftist ever to become president.  He has no real commitment to the U.S. Constitution, as he has said himself, but he obviously does have a yen for Islamist extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian mullahs.

Remember, these are seriously delusional people.  They think they deserve untrammeled power over the rest of us, because they, and only they, know how to run things.  They believe that regular Americans are stupid, when they believe in the viability of Marxism, the global warming fraud, and killing off U.S. energy independence.  But they are experts at political deception and manipulation, and the public is still mostly in the dark.

Right after World War II, ordinary Americans did figure out the radical left and its underhanded methods.  That’s why the left fears normal Americans.

All we can do is tell the truth, as best we can figure it out.  For now, we can watch the Liz Warren miracle happen – as soon as Hillary is done.


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