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Tucker: Open Borders, Crime and Terrorism

Written by David E. Smith

In episode 30 of his newest production “Tucker on X” program, host Tucker Carlson interviewed two guests, Todd Bensman and Dominik Tarczynski, whose discussions revolved around the effects of illegal immigration. In a tweet, Tucker said:

What’s happening at the southern border isn’t just an invasion, but a crime. The politicians and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) responsible for it are acting criminally and should be punished accordingly.

Tucker shows a video clip of a crowd of immigrants running into our country, and in the background you hear the chant, “si se puede” – which is “yes we can” in Spanish. … Continue Reading

As Biden Admin Undermines Texas Border Security, States Should Fight Back

Written by Daniel Horowitz

When in global history has a sovereign nation’s own government aided an invasion against its own people? At this point, we could build a 2,000-mile border wall up to the heavens, but if we don’t neutralize the malfeasant leadership at the DHS, they will simply bring the invaders through the front door.

Much like gas prices, which spiked to biblical levels and then settled at a very high and unacceptable baseline, the border numbers are still extremely high, but slightly off their peak.… Continue Reading

Trump Moves to Protect Taxpayers From Immigrant Medical Bills. How About Border?

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Here’s a novel question: We are all struggling with a cumbersome and expensive health care industry, trying to find ways to fix a broken system for Americans. Why on earth would we invite the rest of the world to access our system for free?

That was essentially the question pro-sovereignty figures in the Trump administration asked before they pushed for the new rule announced Friday to bar admission of those immigrants who show up at our hospitals without insurance or any way to pay out of pocket.… Continue Reading