Tucker: Open Borders, Crime and Terrorism

Written by David E. Smith

In episode 30 of his newest production “Tucker on X” program, host Tucker Carlson interviewed two guests, Todd Bensman and Dominik Tarczynski, whose discussions revolved around the effects of illegal immigration. In a tweet, Tucker said:

What’s happening at the southern border isn’t just an invasion, but a crime. The politicians and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) responsible for it are acting criminally and should be punished accordingly.

Tucker shows a video clip of a crowd of immigrants running into our country, and in the background you hear the chant, “si se puede” – which is “yes we can” in Spanish.  Tucker points out that this is our

“country being invaded. It will never be the same. Republicans in Congress, the Republican Governor of Texas, do nothing as this happens. Democrats cheer it on. They know that America will soon be a one-party state, and they will be in charge. Immigration is the reason.”

We highly recommend you watch and listen to this episode as Tucker interviews Todd Bensman, a Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington D.C.-based research institute that examines the impact of immigration on American society. Bensman points out that immigrants from 160 countries around the world have crossed into the United States, with apprehensions totaling around 14,000 every day.

“This mass migration crisis of the last 36 months – 30 plus months – broke every record in the national history books already. But now we’re in a surge that is breaking all of those records.”

Tucker then interviews Dominik Tarczyński, a statesman and journalist who was previously a member of the Sejm (Polish parliament) and has been a member of the European Parliament since 2020. He proudly defends Poland’s priorities on national security, including a border wall. Tarczynski asserts that Poland’s policy of zero illegal migration has led to zero terrorist attacks in the country.

“Poland is the only country in Europe without terrorist attacks. We don’t have stabbings, we don’t have rapes in parks, we don’t have all of this rubbish in Poland. Why? Because we are very, very strict on migration…”

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