Dems Have No Interest In Compromise On Abortion

Written by Paul Caprio

In his column, Donald Trump Owes Pro-Lifers (September 29), William McGurn has made some important points about the significance of the pro-life movement in electing Donald Trump President in 2016.

First, however, Mr. McGurn mentions Trump’s recent attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a six-week abortion ban. Trump is calling it a “terrible thing.” The Florida law is called federalism in action, Mr. President.

Mr. McGurn correctly reminds us of the two major events which were crucial in providing overwhelming, and probably decisive, pro-life support for Trump in 2016. First, Trump’s commitment to select Supreme Court nominees from an agreed upon list, and second, Trump’s courageous attack on late-term abortion in his final national debate with Hillary Clinton. In the debate, Trump explained graphically what late-term abortion really was, and late-deciding pro-lifers swung his way.

Donald Trump showed the GOP how to win on the pro-life issue in 2016…by going on the offensive and explaining abortion for what it is. President Trump, more than any living American, is responsible and should be commended for the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in overturning Roe v Wade.  However, President Trump should also understand that the result of that decision was to not only end the federal constitutional right to abortion, but also to allow states, like Florida, and their elected legislators to play a much greater role in abortion policy.

The radical abortion position of virtually every Democrat candidate for Federal office in 2022 and today is abortion without restrictions, abolishment parental consent laws, and taxpayer-funding for abortion. This radical agenda is supported by only 20-25 percent of voters.

Yet the GOP, the alleged pro-life Party, has chosen to remain silent on the abortion issue, with devastating results. As long as they do, Trump will be correct in calling abortion “a losing issue.”

The recent GOP Presidential debate turned into an internal firing squad with nearly every candidate advocating a different policy on abortion.

Roe v Wade, although important, was a judicial decision, not a political statement, and certainly not a moral resolution of the question. It is past time for national pro-life and GOP leadership to agree on a pro-life Federal agenda that will save innocent lives, protect women who choose life, and win the support of the majority of voters.

It can be done with a unified Federal agenda that includes the Hyde Amendment (no Federal taxpayer funding of abortion), funding an ultrasound exam for every woman considering abortion (informed consent), legislation to protect minors from being taken across state lines to evade existing state parental consent laws, and aid for crisis pregnancy centers that support women in need who have chosen life and their newborns. These are some examples of how Pro-Life America can save lives through Federal legislation.

If Pro-Life and GOP leadership get on the offensive, promote a unified agenda, and counterattack the radical abortion agenda of the Democrats, abortion will no longer be a losing issue for pro-life candidates.

It is important to note, however, that there is no compromise which Republicans can make with the radical abortion groups that are funding Democrat candidates. Those groups demand abortion with “no restrictions ever.” They have no interest in compromise.  Whatever compromises may be needed to promote a pro-life agenda will need done within the framework of the Republican Party.

Paul Caprio is a committed Christian and nationally recognized pro-family leader and has received national awards for his pro-life advocacy. Paul directs One Nation Under God operations from our new office in Columbus, Ohio.