Why Do Leftists Despise Anything to Do with America?

Written by Brian Wencel

For the second time in the last two months, a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Edgewater’s Senn Park in Chicago has been vandalized by a group of unruly leftist activists. It’s par for the course for activists to go around vandalizing monuments during their little temper tantrums, but a statue of Abraham Lincoln? What could someone possibly have against Abraham Lincoln? Didn’t he play a major role in ending slavery and bringing our nation back together, a feat that should easily give him the status of “hero?” Ending slavery  is what really comes to mind for most people when they think about Abraham Lincoln. To Woke activists especially, you would think this would make him a hero in their minds since they pretend to care about racism and oppression so deeply.

However, as you probably know, Abraham Lincoln was not a perfect man. Maybe you know this because of a specific incident you learned about, or maybe you simply know because he was human like the rest of us and inevitably made mistakes. Regardless, you probably still tried to focus on the good whenever you thought about him since he was fundamental in many heroic and important moments throughout history. But as we all know, the Woke refuse to see it this way.

One mistake Lincoln may have made was his role in the Dakota 38 incident. In summary, the Dakota 38 references the 38 Native Americans that Lincoln approved the death sentence for. Lincoln was given 303 Native American names and asked to decide which ones deserved the death sentence, and out of them all, he chose 38 to be hanged. Many declare that this was because of racism and politics, others may have different views. Some argue that he didn’t go through the proper practices of the time and that the decision was rushed and done incorrectly.

Whichever opinion you may have on the situation, 38 Native Americans were killed and this fact by itself is enough for the Woke to automatically hate Abraham Lincoln — it was certainly enough for the people who vandalized the statue since they wrote “Dakota 38” on the ground in front of Lincoln. They don’t pay attention to the fact that these Native Americans were sentenced to death by other people and that Lincoln was simply approving and disapproving the punishments, or that the United States and the Dakota tribe were extremely close to war at this point, or even that the Dakota seemed to have begun this conflict in the first place when four Dakota hunters allegedly killed five settlers. All this to say, the situation was complicated, and Lincoln did the best he could. You could even look at this and say that Lincoln saved the other 265 Dakotas from execution. Obviously, these extreme leftist activists would disagree..

However, let’s only look at one side of the story and say Lincoln 100 percent did something wrong. Would this negate every good thing he has ever done? Would this make him a horrible person all together? The answer to any normal person would be “of course not!” But we aren’t dealing with normal people here; we are dealing with extreme Leftists who dispute male and female genders even exist. Despite what many leftists claim, I don’t think a demand for perfection is their real reason for their disrespect towards Lincoln, however insane they may actually be. The Dakota 38 incident is just a façade that is hidden behind to cover their true intentions.

Besides Abraham Lincoln, I can think of plenty of heroes that were not perfect that I still think deserve respect when looked back on. There are plenty of examples I could give, but the best example to give a leftist to make sure they really understand what I’m saying would be to use one of their own respected and revered figures. To them, George Floyd is a hero. George Floyd is one of their most sacred figures that they honor. For starters, they ravaged the country in his name, and they have also built numerous monuments of him and for him. George Floyd, however heroic his actions may have been to a leftist, has committed numerous crimes and, by their own logic, should be excluded from the status of “hero” or “respected.” Just through this one example, we can clearly see that it is not perfection that leftists demand,

It also can’t be that a person must follow modern leftist doctrine even if they were alive before it was invented. This is most clearly seen in people like Karl Marx who was racist towards minorities, and this alone is very much against modern Leftism. The criteria to me now seems obvious. They will not give any respect to anyone who had a part in creating or saving America. It’s not that they see these flaws in Abraham Lincoln and that is what makes them hate him; rather, they use these flaws as a cover to disguise their hatred for America.. This is the case with many founding fathers and other historically significant figures in American history. They grasp onto one specific flaw and claim this flaw makes the person worthy of such vile hatred, but we can all see that this is ridiculous. For someone who did so much good to be hated over one incident just doesn’t make sense, even by the left’s own rules.

Extremists have shown their hatred for America over and over again.  They see American history as something to be ashamed of, and as a result, they hate the people responsible for it. However, some of them aren’t bold enough to declare their hatred for America, or they may just be in denial about their own hatred of America, so they mask their loathing of it by pretending to hate people such as Abraham Lincoln or other founding fathers because of the mistakes those people made or because they did things that don’t align with modern leftist doctrine. No, the real reason leftists vilify great American figures is because they oppose everything America stands for – and ironically against a country they choose to reside in.