Will the Real Richard Irvin Please Stand Up?

Written by Fran Eaton

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin’s campaign backers’ mantra is “Irvin’s the only one that can beat Pritzker in the General.”

But is Richard Irvin really the only Illinois Republican candidate that can beat the current governor in the upcoming 2022 General Election? And who is this Richard Irvin? Let’s take a closer look.

Interesting Facts About the REAL Richard Irvin

  • Irvin publicly applauded Gov. JB Pritzker for his tyrannical COVID-19 policies
  • Irvin has consistently supported Leftist activist groups such as Planned Parenthood, Gay Pride Parades, and Black Lives Matter – which works hand in hand with radical anarchists such as Antifa
  • Irvin has questionable financial dealings as Aurora mayor with Ken Griffin projects
  • Irvin has made vicious and untruthful campaign attacks on fellow Republicans
  • Irvin has very confusing family values

The Democratic Governors’ Association’s ads are already attacking Irvin’s criminal defense law practice by pointing to sleazy criminals they claim Irvin helped to escape stronger punishment — launching the effort to undermine Irvin’s claims he will fight crime and defend law enforcement.

But those ads only scratch the surface. Irvin and Pritzker hold identical views on several issues – so why not keep Pritzker as governor?

Irvin publicly lauded Pritzker at a pandemic vaccination event in Aurora, in March 2021. While Pritzker’s COVID-19 policies demanding classroom shutdowns, masks, vaccinations, boosters and vaccine registries burned suburban moms and dads over the past two years, Irvin’s policies in Aurora lined up with Pritzker’s. Irvin told the governor at an Aurora vaccination location opening that he was “a great friend, a great leader who has guided our state with professionalism and compassion throughout this entire pandemic.”

And Irvin’s views on radical groups such as Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood?

It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation with candidate Irvin, much less a one-on-one interview to ask him about his views on current issues, so the next best place to find his views are in media archives.

A year ago, while running for Aurora mayor, Irvin answered a local Patch questionnaire that asked, “Do you support Black Lives Matter and what are your thoughts on the demonstrations held since the death of George Floyd and the shooting of Jacob Blake?”

“I support Black Lives Matter strongly and passionately. I am supportive and proud of the peaceful demonstration throughout this past summer in response to the murder of George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor and many others,” Irvin wrote. “Politics, especially racial politics, are rarely easy but I believe this past summer was a wake-up call to America and we continue you [sic] that momentum going to create substantive change.”

That’s a far cry from Irvin’s current ads that emphasize funding the police. Ironically, Black Lives Matter is committed to destroying law enforcement across America. Their protesters were actively involved in burning down businesses and community buildings in the summer of 2020 to the tune of billions in damages. Yet he “support[s] Black Lives Matter strongly and passionately.”

And as for Irvin’s views on Planned Parenthood and the Gay Pride Parade held in Aurora, photos of a smiling Mayor Irvin with pro-abortion activists and Pride Parade attendees say it all.

“I look forward to Aurora, IL Pride Weekend and being in the parade on Sunday,”  Irvin said in a Facebook post about the announcement.













Then there’s the questions stirring about Irvin allegedly twisting Aurora city council members’ arms to permit microwave towers in Aurora that directly benefit the Irvin campaign’s biggest benefactor, multi-billionaire Ken Griffin.

WTTW – Chicago’s public tv source – has already begun reporting on a brewing scandal concerning Irvin and developers in Aurora that will become a hot topic in Chicago’s Democrat-controlled media.

WTTW’s stories suggest Irvin’s ex-wife and her business benefitted from the city development schemes. The stories also suggest city developers contributed to Irvin’s former law associate, Brittany Pederson, who is currently running as a Democrat for a Kane County judge seat.

Although they’ve never been married, Ms. Pederson is the mother of Irvin’s twin boys. Court records show that Mayor Irvin and his wife Crystal divorced in December 2021. He reportedly has at least two children with her.

The details of the Irvin’s divorce are not readily available, and again, it is difficult to get the information surrounding Irvin’s confusing family because neither he, nor his campaign, are willing to answer potentially problematic questions.

However, you can bet the Democrats have all the information they need about Irvin’s personal life to embarrass and diminish Irvin if he becomes the Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate.

And finally, Irvin’s mailers filled with blatant lies and vicious attacks are creating deep wounds and divisions among the Illinois Republican voters that are ripping open political wounds that never healed from the nasty Rauner-Ives’ primary contest in 2018.

The Democrats are probably laughing and drooling over Irvin’s deceitful attack pieces on Darren Bailey and Jesse Sullivan because they are well aware that such vicious assaults will confuse many, causing them to stay home, disengage and shut off political involvement, rather than get out to vote.

That benefits Democrats in a state that is already manipulated by greedy political consultants, cooperative Leftist media and self-absorbed Democrat state and city workers.

But we definitely don’t believe Irvin is the only chance Republicans have to beat Governor Pritzker in 2022, which is why Illinois Family Action (IFA) urges you to vote early in-person and to vote for IFA-endorsed Darren Bailey.

Early voting in the 2022 Illinois Primary begins May 19.

  1. Verifiable corrupt financial dealings in Aurora
  1. Support for pro-crime movements like Black Lives Matter – Antifa
  1. Accolades for Pritzker & Democrat voting record
  1. Lack of family values
  1. Irvin’s proclamation declaring June as Pride Month