IFA’s Gubernatorial Endorsement Goes to Bailey

Written by IFA Staff

For the past several months, IFA staff and board members have been researching the candidates running for state and federal offices in order to make endorsements and/or recommendations to our valued subscribers. Through this process, we hope to determine who among the candidates fear God, have a good reputation, love truth, and will govern honestly and righteously (Exodus 18:21; Proverbs 29:2; Acts 6:3).

Our endorsements are based on the top-tier issues that matter to pro-life, pro-family voters. We have mailed every contender running in Illinois, reviewed voter guide surveys, evaluated web sites and social media platforms, examined voting records, assembled public statements, and interviewed many candidates in person.

After thorough deliberation, the IFA team is thrilled to announce which nominee has our hearty endorsement in the race for governor: State Senator Darren Bailey.

Pastor James Pittman will represent the IFA board of directors at a news conference of major pro-life advocacy groups to declare their endorsement of Bailey. Here is a summary of Pastor Pittman’s endorsement:

As the pastor of New Hope Community Church in Palatine and an Illinois Family Action Board member, I am privileged to announce the IFA is endorsing Darren Bailey for governor. Here’s why:

  • Darren Bailey backs police and community efforts to make Illinois a safer place to live. And he supports the right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves as well as others.
  • Darren Bailey is a pro-life voice and as governor, he will make the protection of women and their babies a priority.
  • Darren Bailey stands with the good parents of Illinois who know better than the state what’s best for their children.
  • Darren Bailey supports educational choice and greater transparency in our taxpayer-funded government schools.
  • Darren Bailey supports fairness in women’s and girls’ sports and privacy in restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Darren Bailey is an advocate for taxpayers and will continue to fight against corruption and waste in state government.

The IFA Board of Directors and staff have observed Bailey’s political beginning in Springfield as he triumphed over a weak-kneed incumbent for a seat in the Illinois House in 2018, and later won an open Illinois Senate seat in 2020.

During his four years in the Illinois General Assembly, Bailey has not once succumbed to peer pressure, insults, or mockery, common tactics of the bipartisan combine. He has been a valiant voice for pro-life, pro-family issues. And religious liberty, parental rights, and educational choice have no better defender in Illinois than him.

Bailey is a committed Christian who seeks to put Christ before and in everything he does. His faith is what makes him a conservative. He seeks to conserve those good things provided to us by Christ.

Bailey unabashedly believes in the sanctity of human life. He has steadily fought against the egregious, anti-life legislation in both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly, and IFA does not doubt that he will be the best advocate for pre-born human beings that the office of governor of Illinois has ever seen.

During the 2020 COVID lockdowns, current governor J.B. Pritzker took maximum advantage of the crisis and enforced mandates way outside his realm of authority. Darren Bailey did not let him get away with it, and filed a lawsuit which freed Illinois of the stay-at-home order.

If you want a bold, commonsense nominee who shares our Christian pro-life, pro-family, small government principles, Darren Bailey is the clear choice in the June 28th Republican Primary Election. The alternative, Pritzker, embraces everything leftists demand we accept and celebrate, including a radical pro-abortion agenda, sex-education for kindergarteners, co-ed bathrooms, Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, transgender sports, sexually integrated prisons and not to mention higher taxes and annual gasoline tax increases.

Darren Bailey is a champion with a clear track record. Courageous. Bold. Determined. Honest. Trustworthy. Genuine. These words describe Darren Bailey.

Illinois is in dire need of a defender who will champion faith, family, and freedom, and IFA knows that Bailey is the man for the task. We enthusiastically urge you to vote for Darren Bailey for governor in the upcoming June 28th Primary Election.