The Case for Closing Public Schools… Indefinitely

Written by Sarah Lilly

For the past year, parents and students across the county, mostly in Democrat-run municipalities, have been experiencing excessive levels of stress due to unending school closures. Red states like Florida, Texas, and South Dakota have been open for months. Meanwhile, the teacher’s unions have a stranglehold on the public schools in Democrat states, refusing to open for a litany of absurd reasons.

Part of me sympathizes with the conservative parents who are struggling to cope with working from home and the online curriculum management of their children. (Though that sympathy does not extend to liberal parents who knowingly voted for this lunacy.) But I am struggling to understand why conservative parents are insistent to return their children to these wretched institutions that are delivering a subpar education and indoctrinating their children with Marxist theory.

Public schools throughout the nation have adopted wholesale the insidious Marxist curriculum of race agitators like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi, along with Nicole Hannah Jones’s fictional work that is the “1619 Project.” In Buffalo, New York, teachers and administrators have introduced “anti-racism” lessons that instruct kindergarteners — yes, kindergarteners — that ‘all white people perpetuate systematic racism’ and forces children to watch videos of dead black children. In Oregon, the ‘Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction’ claims that obtaining the ‘right’ answer to a math problem is somehow rooted in white supremacy. And if you think this ridiculous ideology has not penetrated your conservative school district, even deep red Loudon County in Virginia will no longer celebrate Dr. Seuss for ‘strong racial undertones.’

Yet despite the schools’ concentrated efforts to eradicate racism, many of these teachers insist that merely being expected to return to in-classroom instruction is a form of oppression. The largest teachers union, the United Teachers of LA, condemned Governor Gavin Newsom for his proposal to return to in school learning as “a recipe for propagating structural racism.”  In La Mesa, California, school board members called in-person learning a form of ‘white supremacist ideology’ and ‘slavery.’

This leads us to another reason why parents should be fleeing the public-school system, the teachers hate you. Just watch as the Oakley California school board degrades the parents of the students they teach.

Not only do they hate you, but they don’t care for the well-being of your children. They know that continuing to keep students out of the physical classroom is causing irreparable harm to pupil’s academic progress, but they don’t care. They aren’t actually worried about themselves or your children contracting COVID at school, they are simply enjoying the time off. Hence why we see teacher’s union president Matt Meyer dropping his two-year-old off at a private pre-school while insisting it’s unsafe for your child to go to school.

These people don’t consider themselves to be a vessel for meaningful education. They admit they are nothing more than babysitters and their only instructional objective is to teach progressive dogma. These depraved people will insist that an accomplished individual like Candace Owens is a racist and that communism in the Soviet Union wasn’t that bad because more women were in the labor force. Although I would concede standing in a bread line all day is certainly laborious.

American public schools are no longer meant to deliver quality education, they are a means to propagate progressive ideas by mostly childless and entirely miserable Marxists. To quote Michael Malice, “an ideology full of unattractive people who can’t reproduce have no choice but to raise your children as their own.”

And what do we get in return for all this progressive indoctrination? Pathetic math, reading, and science education stats.

We spend more money per pupil than any other country on earth and we produce results that are mediocre at best.

Pupils today have no knowledge of the most significant people or events of our not-so-distant history. For the students who are not total ignoramuses, gifted and talented programs are being suspended in Boston or the entry exam for such programs is being reformed to be more “inclusive” in New York City. Advanced placement classes used to be a refuge for smart students to work diligently. But according to progressives those classes are full of too many Asians, Jews, and Whites, hence they must be eliminated.

Perhaps you are still under the delusion that in the very least, public school is a place to keep your children safe while you are at work. Think again. In 2018, Project Veritas revealed an undercover video where Union City Education Association President Kathleen Valencia assures the undercover journalist she can help cover up crimes committed by teachers and brags about doing so for another union teacher who had sex with a student. If you thought online teaching might protect your children from such perversions you would still be wrong. In Montgomery County, Maryland just this week, a teacher’s aide masturbated in front of special needs students on a Zoom call. He has since been placed on leave but will not face criminal charges.

And the insanity is only going to increase under Biden. The woke administration is insistent on eliminating female sports and female privacy on campuses by letting transgender women (formerly known as boys) participate in girls’ sports and use the girls’ changing facilities. Teachers already withhold information from parents regarding LGBT instruction in school. In Anne Arundel County, Maryland, staff have been instructed not to inform parents if boy who thinks he is a girl will be sleeping in the same quarters as their daughters.

Why are parents desperate to return their precious offspring to the degenerate hands of the public-school system? This system does not make them smarter, does not teach life skills, exposes children to sexual perversions, teaches them to hate freedom, liberty, our country, white people, and celebrates outright communism.

You are sending them to an entity that virulently opposes your values, hoping they come out not adopting the leftist creed that they are inundated with for hours a day.

Dennis Prager says that sending your kids to college is playing Russian roulette with their values. Unfortunately, that threat has permeated all of K-12 and if you surrender your child to public school in their youth, don’t be surprised when they graduate hating you for it.

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