“Progressives”: Agents of Racism, Tyranny and Violence

Written by Laurie Higgins

On Saturday night just before 7:00 p.m., a savage barbarian ran up to a patrol car parked in front of bus station in Compton, California and at point-blank range shot  a 31-year-old deputy sheriff in the jaw and a 24-year-old deputy sheriff in the head. The 31-year-old is the mother of a 6-year-old boy.

Another barbarian whooped it up, delighting in and celebrating the unprovoked, subhuman attack on the deputies in a must-see-to-believe video.

In a press conference shortly after the shooting, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said, “Actions, words have consequences, and our job does not get any easier because people don’t like law enforcement.”

Shortly after the press conference, protesters showed up at the hospital shouting “‘I want to deliver a message to the family of the pigs, I hope they f***ing die,’” “‘Y’all gonna die one by one. This ain’t gonna stop,’” “‘Death to the police,’” and “‘Kill the police.’”

In a video posted by one of the protesters, he calls the wounded deputies “two of America’s most notorious gang members” and “murderers.” Two policewomen of color stopped him and his accomplices from entering the Emergency Department. He refers to them as “pigs.”

While no decent person expresses admiration for savages like these, we frequently see Democrat leaders expressing admiration for criminals. All it takes to get morally corrupt Democrats to express admiration for unsavory and even criminal characters is for unsavory characters to destroy property, attack police, or resist arrest and end up injured or dead.

For three months Democrats in office and on CNN waxed effusive about the “mostly peaceful” protesters’ wanton lawlessness. Criminals Michael Brown, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake Jr. all resisted arrest by white police officers and are now worshipped as folk heroes by morally corrupt Democrats like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama.

Even professional athletes/entertainers who profit handsomely from America’s capitalism and freedom celebrate criminals.

Last week Kamala Harris demonstrated just how low Democrats will go in exalting criminals for votes. She went even lower than Obama who creepily turned his eulogy for U.S. Representative John Lewis into a divisive political polemic.

Kamala Harris met with Jacob Blake, the Kenosha man who resisted arrest after illegally entering the house of a woman who had a restraining order against him and digitally raping her in the presence of her child. Harris—who infamously claimed based on no evidence that she believed Christine Blasey Ford‘s ludicrous allegations against Brett Kavanaugh—told Jacob Blake that she is “proud of him and how he’s working through his pain.” Did Harris visit Jacob Blake’s victim? I wonder if Harris is “proud” of how the victimized woman is working through her pain.

I wonder if Harris will visit any of the Minnesotans whose businesses were destroyed by BLM and Antifa? I wonder if she’ll visit any of the police officers who have been attacked by BLM and Antifa. I wonder if Harris is proud of how the Minnesotans and injured police officers are working through their pain.

So many questions, so few journalists to ask them.

The already dishonest Joe Biden was tutored for eight long years by Barack Obama—one of the most corrupt presidents in American history and a man exceptionally well-practiced at the art of deception—into the special skill of promoting racism and dividing America by pretending to advance anti-racism and unity. While Biden may not remember all the finer points of Obama’s rules for radicals (hence Biden’s awkward “you ain’t black moment” 😬), Kamala Harris definitely knows them.

Kamala Harris and befuddled Biden have rightly issued public condemnations of the ambush. I believe them when they say they view the ambush as reprehensible. What they don’t see is that their months-long failure to condemn the riots; their refusal to condemn BLM™; their refusal to condemn Critical Theory, a sub-category of which is Critical Race Theory which has created anti-white racism and anti-police hatred; their support for the police-hostility movement; and their refusal to see that Democrat policies have caused the mayhem that roils America makes them incapable of solving this crisis.

Reasonable, honest people can’t possibly doubt that Democrat-incentivized fatherlessness; “progressive” hostility to conservative Christian faith; bitter racist Critical Race Theory; and Democrat opposition to school choice that would allow children to escape lousy schools and leftist indoctrination have coalesced to create the lawlessness and violence that have ruined cities all across America and are destroying American civilization.

Liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept tweeted this:

Liberal stars have spent 4 years convincing their followers of 2 claims:

  • Their domestic opponents are Nazis, fascists & White Supremacist Terrorists.
  • Russia is lurking everywhere, an existential threat to US democracy.

It’s true. Kamala Harris, her befuddled sidekick Joe Biden, and their “progressive” supporters see conservatives as deplorable, hateful, bigoted, intolerant fascists whose speech and beliefs they—the enlightened elite—need not and will not tolerate. And if restricting First Amendment protections for conservatives, giving the vote to illegals, ending the filibuster, making DC a state, and stacking the Supreme Court with leftwing activists are needed to gain and retain absolute cultural and political power and silence dissent, then so be it.

The barbaric lawlessness we see in our streets is the product of “progressive” ideas that found their home in the Democrat Party and the policies and actions shaped by those ideas as Democrats gained cultural and political power in every major American institution including academia, the arts, the media, corporate America, Big Tech, and our professional medical and mental health organizations. And now we have vulturine barbarians at hospital gates clamoring for the deaths of wounded police officers. Every American should vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and every decent person would. As Victor Davis Hanson said, we are faced with a Manichaean choice between civilization and anti-civilization.

If Harris and Biden are elected, the poison Democrats mainline into the veins of America’s youth will continue and the chaos worsen.

Ponder how leftist beliefs and policies compare to Trump’s off-putting personality and tweets in terms of the danger posed to freedom. And do your pondering before you vote.

Listen to this article read by Laurie:

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