Pinocchio Rauner’s Staffer Tells Conservatives to Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter the GOP

Written by Laurie Higgins

A former staffer for Pinocchio Rauner wasted no time telling conservatives to abandon all hope. In a commentary appearing in Friday’s Chicago Tribune, Patrick Wohl tried to scare the Illinois GOP away from any rightward movement. Scaremonger Wohl ominously warned, “The Illinois GOP needs unity, not a race to the right.” That’s code language for “Abandon the social issues, you idiot right-wing lunatics!”

How about this for a revision: “The Illinois GOP needs unity on the entire GOP platform, not abandonment of the parts of it ignorant RINOs and Libertarians don’t like.”

Wohl describes Jeanne Ives‘ candidacy as “undoubtedly the first foray into this impending debacle” of moving the party rightward.

Wohl suggests we look at the only kind of Republicans he claims can get elected in Illinois, from “Bruce Rauner to Mark Kirk to Judy Baar Topinka to Jim Edgar.” But why is that? Could it be that people like Wohl and Pat Brady relentlessly tell conservatives that they must sacrifice their beliefs on the altar of party unity, while never telling RINO and Libertarian-leaning Republicans to sacrifice their beliefs on the “social issues” for the sake of unity? (Interesting sidenote: former GOP Governor Jim Edgar is an official member of the JB Pritker transition team.)

Maybe the fact that millennial Wohl previously worked for Rand Paul‘s and Eric Greiten‘s campaigns tells us something about his view of unifying around RINO positions.

Listen to this article read by Laurie:

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