The Racist Left

Written by E.W. Jackson

Leftist ideologues live in an alternate universe, a product of their hallucinations of an America that does not exist except in their own demented thinking.

The latest manifestation of this delusional perception is Eugene Robinson‘s opinion piece in the Washington Post on July 5.  Here is some of what he said:

Racism is a feature of the Trump administration, not a bug[.] …

We have not seen such overt racism from a president since Woodrow Wilson imposed Jim Crow segregation in Washington and approvingly showed “The Birth of a Nation,” director D.W. Griffith’s epic celebration of the Ku Klux Klan, at the White House.

As an American whose ancestors were African slaves, I hate racism.  Yet I can say without apology, I love President Trump and the direction he has set for our country.  I am convinced that the president and most Americans who voted for him also hate racism.

The president can at times be inartful in his phraseology.  However, it is psychotic to compare President Trump to Woodrow Wilson, who celebrated the Ku Klux Klan.  Mass delusion of this kind can lead to ugly mob action.  In the post-Reconstruction South, white fear of retribution by former slaves, combined with potential loss of economic and social status, led to frequent lynchings and torturous murders of black Americans.  All it took was one person accusing a black man of looking into a white man’s eyes or ogling a white woman or of being just plain “uppity,” and a black man could lose his life.  The execution would be cheered on by the mob.

Robinson as a journalist should be a voice of reason.  Instead, he is part of the national media’s hateful hysteria, similar to what was seen during the lynching period.  CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, and Hollywood have pandered to violent rhetoric and slander against the president and his supporters.  I shudder to think where it all leads.

If this president is some sort of closet member of the KKK, then the millions who voted for him must be also.  That would make the 1.3 million black people and the 8 million Hispanics who voted for Donald Trump self-hating and suicidal, which is exactly how the left thinks of us.

Yet consider the evidence.  This newly discovered racism in Donald Trump did not exist when he was writing checks to Democratic politicians as a businessman.  It surfaced only after he became a Republican candidate for president.  Nevertheless, we are to condemn him for comments such as “Mexico is not sending their best people” across our borders illegally.  Are we supposed to believe that Mexico’s “best” people are the ones who enter our country without authorization?

Are we to label him racist because he might have described some countries as “s-holes”?  I would not have used that language, but was it racial?  No.  It was descriptive of countries full of poverty, violence, and chaos.  Parts of Eastern Europe fit that category.

He referred to NFL players who will not stand up for our flag as SOBs.  When did that term become racial?  Again, I would not have used that language, but the behavior of those spoiled millionaires made me angry enough to stop watching football.  It was not a racial slur.  He was expressing the same anger and disgust that I and millions of other Americans feel.  By the way, some of the players who joined the protest were white.

Then we cannot forget the infamous “my African-American” comment at one of his rallies.  The accusation that this was racist is another delusion.  For example, depending on one’s cultural influences and upbringing, the phrase “you people” is completely acceptable.  When speaking to a black audience, it is considered by many black Americans to be racist and insulting.  White conservatives and liberals alike have made that mistake.  Nonetheless, unfamiliarity with specific cultural cues is not the equivalent of membership in the KKK.

Racism used to mean harming or disparaging people based on race.  The new standard is that white people are not allowed to disagree with or dislike any person of minority background, no matter how egregious or abhorrent his or her behavior.  The only exception is that liberals are allowed to attack black conservatives mercilessly because, well, they’re not really black.

It is also perfectly acceptable to disparage, condemn, and vilify all white people.  Professor Ricky Jones of the University of Louisville underscores the perverse racial universe of the left.  He writes:

Why are so many white Americans so brutally mean and inhumane?  Why do so many others feel comfortable justifying or excusing it?  Why do others still, who claim “not to think that way,” find it acceptable to say little and do even less?  Make no mistake, there are certainly whites who stand in the tradition of William Lloyd Garrison, John Brown and others.  However, reasonable people must admit they are the exceptions, not the rules.

A white person making this kind of comment about any other racial group would lose his job, probably his business, and certainly his reputation.  However, the left has created a cult that rewards hatred, hypocrisy, delusion, and destruction of those outside the cult.  We are witnessing dangerous and psychotic mass hysteria.  Those of us who still live in the real world must be vigilant.

E.W. Jackson is president of STAND Foundation, Inc. (, which recently launched The Truth In Black & White Project.  He is senior pastor of the Called Church and former candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia.

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