The Left is Always Wrong: Election Meddling Edition

Written by Tom Trinko

Twelve Russians have been indicted for hacking the DNC and releasing DNC emails showing that the DNC had violated its own rules and worked against Bernie and for Hillary in the primaries.

Leftists are talking about the Russians meddling in the U.S. election as a result.  The problem is that while hacking the DNC is illegal and the Russians should be prosecuted, how can telling the voters that the DNC conspired against Bernie be considered “meddling” in our election?

Doesn’t the Washington Post say that “Democracy dies in darkness”?  Which means that if the voters don’t know the truth they can’t vote intelligently. Given that the DNC admits the veracity of the emails, isn’t the voters finding about the DNC’s efforts to suppress a democratic socialist like Bernie using light to remove the darkness?

Think about this: when NBC released the “Access Hollywood” tape did anyone on the left complain about election meddling?  Though NBC claimed that only days before the tape was released someone suddenly remembered the tape, everyone knew, and TMZ  stated, that NBC sat on the tape waiting to release it as an October Surprise.  The release of the tape was clearly intended by NBC to influence the election — otherwise they’d have released it sooner — yet no one on the left worried about election meddling or collusion.

On every issue the left has two standards; one for the left and one for everyone else.  In this case, it’s perfectly fine when parties release false information that is damaging to Trump, but it’s the ultimate evil when someone releases accurate information that hurts a leftist; i.e. Hillary.

But what about the fact that it was the Russians?  Isn’t it worse when a foreigner meddles than when Americans do?

Ask yourself if leftists would consider it meddling if right before the election a British “ex” spy tried to convince the media that a dossier he would later admit contained only unverified rumors from Russian sources that painted Trump in a very bad light was the real deal.

Of course, you don’t need to ask yourself, since we know for a fact that Hillary paid an “ex” spy from Britain to produce a report full of “dirt” on Trump based on Russian sources.  We know that Steele — the “ex” spy — produced such a document and that he told everyone that it was the real deal and that he would have known if his sources were lying even in cases where he never met the actual source. Well, he said that right up until he was sued in England by some of the people he mentioned in the dossier. Then he suddenly changed his tune and declared that the information in the dossier was only a place for a real investigation to start; that nothing in the report was verified.

Steele’s unwillingness to defend in court the claims that he’d told the media and the FBI were all very reliable is clear and unambiguous proof that the dossier is all or mostly all lies.  Because if Steele had actual evidence for any of the claims, he could present it in court and get out of a serious legal situation. That he’s not doing so even though it could save him from potentially very serious legal consequences shows that he doesn’t have any proof to back up his claims.

Yet even though the left now knows that the dossier is bogus, which is why they are suddenly saying that the dossier wasn’t a key reason the investigation into Trump was started, they are not saying that its use was “meddling” in our election. That despite the rumors all coming from Russia and despite the person who vouched for those rumors being British.

To the left, a factually incorrect report on Trump produced by a foreigner, based on sources solely from Russia, and used to attack Trump is not election meddling.

But the Russians leaking factual DNC emails showing that the DNC had lied to Democrat voters about being impartial and had, in fact, violated its own rules and worked hard to torpedo Bernie, democratic socialist par excellence, is election meddling.

What makes the whole story even more bizarre is that, as with all of Mueller’s indictments, there is no claim that the crimes involve any collusion related to the election between the Russians and anyone in Trump’s campaign.  In fact, the FBI made it clear that no Americans were indicted along with the Russian “hackers.”  Yet the left is already generating #FakeNews that this latest indictment is bad news for Trump.

Another interesting issue is that the same leftists who are having a fit over Trump’s “collusion” aren’t bothered by the fact that the full power of the U.S. intelligence establishment was turned against the Trump campaign. They’re also not bothered by the fact that political appointees in the Obama administration, i.e. not supposedly neutral civil servants, unmasked the names Americans whose calls were monitored.

If the ruling Democratic party using national intelligence assets to listen in to the inner workings of the Trump campaign isn’t election “meddling” then it’s unclear what is. Essentially the leftists are saying that it’s kosher for the government to spy on Trump’s campaign to help Hillary.  To use a poker analogy, it’s like one player using a spotter who sees the other player’s cards; but then to the fascist left, where winning is all that matters, anything that helps them is fair game.

Remember, the modern left still calls out Watergate, where some Republicans tried to illegally get intelligence on the Democrat campaign, as the worst thing ever. Yet now when it’s clear that Obama/Hillary did the same thing, but succeeded because they managed to subvert the FBI, far worse than anything Nixon did, leftists say that nothing bad happened.  Watergate was wrong but condemning it while not caring about the FBI spying on a political candidate is hypocrisy at its worst.

But many Americans who get their news from the leftist media won’t hear the truth or take the time to figure out the obvious hypocrisy in the left’s claims. It’s up to you to talk to your friends, coworkers, and relatives. No need to be confrontational. Just mention how it’s horrible that the Russians meddled in the election by peddling fake rumors about Trump to a foreign agent Hillary hired.

Ask them if Democrat political operatives, whose jobs had no relation into any investigation of Trump, reading intelligence collected from the Trump campaign where the names of U.S. citizens were revealed strikes them as meddling.

Ask them if they feel that their knowing about how the DNC persecuted Bernie is bad thing, would they rather have been kept in the dark?

Ask them if they think that the Washington Post will change its slogan to “Democracy dies when the voters know too much.”?

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