New DNC Chairman Picks Ellison as Deputy Chair

Newly-elected DNC chairman Tom Perez and Deputy chairman U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison

Written by Michael F. Haverluck

After falling only one vote short on the first ballot, Tom Perez was able to secure his victory in the second round of voting and expressed his optimism for the Democratic Party shortly after the news broke.

“We are at a turning point for our party and for all Americans,” Perez announced, according to Townhall. “By getting back to basics, we can turn the Democratic Party around, take the fight to [President] Donald Trump, and win elections from school board to the Senate.”

Pro-Islam candidate second in charge

He then took to Twitter to announce that his former rival would become his right-hand-man – an avowed Muslim and defender of Islam and communism.

“I would like to appoint #KeithEllison Deputy Chair of #DNC,” Perez tweeted Saturday.

Ellison, who has come under much controversy regarding his ties to terrorist-supporting Islamic organizations and the Communist Party, lost to Perez with just 200 votes. The winner needed 218 of the 435 total votes from DNC members to win.

Many Democrats argued that the Muslim candidate was far too radical to lead the party, as his connections to numerous anti-American organizations were made public and received an outcry from both liberals and conservatives. Both Republicans and Democrats alike have also criticized Keith Ellison for his past anti-Semitism and lack of support for American-Israeli relations.

Democrats were divided during the campaign for a new leader of the Democratic Party, which has been in a downward spiral since its presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suffered a catastrophic loss to her underdog Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Both Democratic opponents and supporters of Ellison voiced their opinions about the prospect of Ellison becoming the new leader of the Democratic Party.

“Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz even threatened to leave the party should he win the nomination,” Townhall reported. “Yet, many progressives insisted Ellison was the only candidate who could truly lead the grassroots movement in the Democratic Party.”

The playing field was narrowed shortly before the votes were cast, with South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropping out of the running Saturday.

Rally against Republicans

Stressing the Democratic Party’s need to become a united force to fight the Trump administration, Perez announced to his Twitter followers that no matter who won the race for DNC chair, Democrats need to plow forward with a concerted effort to rally against President Donald Trump at every turn.

“A united Democratic Party is not only our best hope, it’s Donald Trump’s worst nightmare #DNCChair #DNCFuture,” Perez tweeted Saturday.

Addressing his disappointed supporters, Ellison appealed to his supporters to rally behind Perez as the new leader of the Democratic Party.

“I am asking you to give everything you’ve got to support Chairman Perez,” the Muslim Democratic politician from Minnesota pleaded with his backers.

Ellison then urged supporters to share in his enthusiasm to join Perez in his attempt to counter Republicans in the upcoming years.

“We don’t have the luxury to walk out of this room divided,” Ellison proclaimed, according to Fox News. “It is my honor to serve this party with Tom Perez.”

Ellison has been the champion for many Muslim Americans during his Leftist political career.

“Ellison, who in 2006 became the first Muslim elected to Congress, was considered a champion of the party’s most progressive wing,” Fox News noted.

There were also mixed feeling coming from the Democratic Party following the DNC’s vote on another issue that took place before Perez’ nomination was confirmed.

“Earlier on Saturday, the committee angered the progressive wing of the party by voting against a ban on corporate lobbying,” Townhall’s Cortney O’Brien announced.” They appear to be as equally ‘pleased’ with the results of the chair vote.”

Progressive Democrats’ lack of enthusiasm for the way things turned out on Saturday were expressed in a brief tweet.

“So much for self-awareness, Democratic Party,” Justice Democrats posted on Twitter on Saturday.

Perez went to the same Ivy League school that former President Barack Obama claimed to attend.

“Perez graduated from Harvard Law School in 1987 and worked as a civil rights attorney at the Justice Department,” Fox News informed. “He later served as deputy assistant attorney general for civil rights under Attorney General Janet Reno. Perez in 2002 joined the Montgomery County Council in Maryland as the panel’s first elected Latino and serving through 2006.”

Accolades and congrats to Perez from Dems

Obama, commended Perez on his victory shortly after the announcement, and the pro-Muslim former president also praised his decision to pick Ellison as his deputy-chair.

“Congratulations to my friend Tom Perez on his election to lead the Democratic Party, and on his choice of Keith Ellison,” the former president declared. “What unites our party is a belief in opportunity – the idea that however you started out, whatever you look like, or whomever you love, America is the place where you can make it if you try.”

Hillary Clinton’s rival for the presidency, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) also voiced his support for the new DNC chair.

“I congratulate Tom Perez on his election as chairman of the Democratic National Committee and look forward to working with him,” Sanders expressed on his Twitter account Saturday.

The former Secretary of State under Obama’s first term – and losing presidential election candidate – Hillary Clinton also sent Perez and Ellison her best wishes as the Democratic Party’s new leader and deputy leader on Saturday.

“Congrats to DNC chair @Tom Perez & deputy @keithellison,” the former first lady posted on Twitter. “Excited for strong, unified party standing for best of our country into the future.”

Her husband, former Democratic president Bill Clinton, also sent Perez his vote of confidence.

“Congratulations to new DNC Chair Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, & the great field of candidates who ran,” Bill Clinton tweeted. “United Democrats are stronger Democrats.”

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