Pat Brady Appointed to IL GOP Platform Committee


Written by John Biver

A couple of Illinois political friends and I have been joking for many years about the old saying “it can’t get any worse.” For the Illinois Republican Party, that saying has never been true. Things continually get worse, and failed party leaders are to blame.

One of those failed party leaders has just been appointed to an important post by the 6th District’s State Central Committeeman Brian Colgan, who formerly worked for Senator Mark Kirk and before that Congresswoman Judy Biggert. Colgan appointed disgraced former Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady to serve on the committee that will write the 2016 Illinois GOP Platform.

Who is Pat Brady and what kind of platform might he want to write?

Pat Brady was a disaster as state party chairman. Brady presided over what was called a “bloodbath” election, as Illinois Democrats achieved supermajorities in both the Illinois Senate and Illinois House. Yes, both chambers. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than being in the minority for General Assembly Republicans, you would have been wrong.

If you’re looking for a success during Party Brady’s tenure as chairman, you can point to the election of Mark Kirk to the U.S. Senate. Yes, that Mark Kirk—the guy who votes like a liberal Democrat. Kirk’s Heritage Action score is worse than eight Democrats in the Illinois congressional delegation—only three Democrats have lower scores than Kirk. While it doesn’t get much worse than that, Kirk has been moving left in advance of the November election, so stay tuned.

One of the Illinois liberal Democrats whose score is higher than Kirk’s, by the way, belongs to his opponent this fall, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth.

As of February, Sen. Mark Kirk’s grade on the Conservative Review Scorecard was an “F.” Several national political experts call Kirk the most vulnerable Republican incumbent in the U.S. Senate.

If you think it can’t get any worse than Mark Kirk when it comes to Pat Brady, you’d be wrong again. While he was state party chairman he was caught lobbying against the state party platform by calling Republican legislators and asking them to support same-sex pseudo-“marriage.” If fact, he was hired by the radical ACLU—a Leftist group that is the antithesis of conservative values.

When that news was brought to light, Brady compared himself to Abraham Lincoln. I kid you not.

Pat Brady has a long record of making news in a way that embarrasses both himself, his party, and the candidates he supports. If it’s not a fistfight with a political opponent who was the incumbent state attorney (Brady lost that election), then it’s questionable money transfers while party chairman. If it’s not threats and attempts at intimidation, then it’s talk of using a “headshot” to take out Donald Trump.

What is the party platform, and why is it important?

One veteran politico I know describes succinctly what constitutes a political party: a message and messengers. The platform delineates the principles—the message. Here is how the current IL GOP explains its platform:

In order to realize our philosophy and to promote uniform, cohesive efforts to accomplish the same, we hereafter set forth our party’s platform.

Many of the same people who say the platform isn’t important are involved in never-ending efforts to change it. That’s why the character and philosophy of those writing the platform are critical to consider.

One of the most important planks regards marriage. Evidently party chairman Pat Brady didn’t think so. Brady would have benefited by visiting the archives of the Illinois Family Institute’s website, which contains more than enough information explaining why Republicans embrace the traditional family. And the reasons aren’t only faith-based—here is a list of 77 non-religious reasons.

Anyone who believes the only important platform planks involve economic issues needs to realize that the advance of social policy liberalism prevents the return to limited government. Cultural Marxism will always crush economic conservatism.

Take ACTION:  In case you are unaware, the Illinois Republican Party is “taking suggestions” for what should be in this year’s platform. Illinois conservatives had better weigh in, since it’s an easy bet that the Pat Brady types will be eager to revise the platform in a leftward direction.

The Illinois Republican State Convention is scheduled for May 19-21 in Peoria. Christian conservatives are urged to attend as delegates. There are hundreds of slots not yet filled. To get appointed, simply contact your county chairman and ask to be appointed as a delegate to the state convention. If your county GOP organization isn’t directly linked on this page, search for your county followed by GOP. If you live in Cook County, you’ll contact your Township Committeeman and in Chicago, you’ll contact your Ward Committeeman.

URGENT ACTION:  Also, please send an email to Illinois GOP State Central Committeeman Brian Colgan to express civilly your dismay at his appointment of a turncoat and heretic to the platform committee.

Please also contact Republican Platform Chairman Mike Bigger (18th District) about your concerns at, asking him to defend the current Illinois Republican Platform.

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