Just How Bad a Candidate Will Hillary Be?


Written by Bruce Walker

I asked last March, “Just How Bad a Candidate Would Hillary Be?”  As Hillary locks up the Democrat nomination, the question is “Just How Bad a Candidate Will Hillary Be?”  Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton may be the most pathetic presidential nominee of any major political party in our nation’s history.

First dispel the myth of her husband as a consummate politician.  Bill was a flop as governor of Arkansas and as president of the United States.  Bill managed to be the only Democrat in Arkansas state history to lose re-election as governor and won two presidential elections with a minority of the popular vote.  He entered the White House with huge Democrat majorities at every level of government and left with Democrats in the minority at every level of government.

Bill Clinton was impeached, disbarred, and found in contempt of court while president, which was a worse record of determined malfeasance than any president in history.  As an ex-president, Clinton seems frail, dull, and testy – as evidenced most recently by his snapping angrily at a veteran in South Carolina asking about Hillary ending corruption in the Veterans Administration.

Since my article last March, the women who have been harassed, threatened, and raped by Clinton have served notice that they will not be quiet while his wife, Hillary, ignores and dismisses them.  This is a problem Hillary has never addressed but cannot ignore, as Republican candidates have made clear, in a presidential election.

The hideous behavior of Hillary towards these women brutalized by her husband is one problem.  A related problem is the limp appeal of “women’s issues” in electoral campaigns.  Consider the utter failure in the 2014 election cycle of every candidate who based a campaign on “women’s issues.”  Further, the failure of Hillary to attract young women in primaries against an ancient Vermont Socialist shows how little she appeals to female voters.

If there is an issue that motivates Americans across the spectrum, it is trust, because we have been lied to so often and so cavalierly by Washington politicians.  No sane person trusts Hillary.  She not only lies even when the truth would serve as well, but she lies about telling the truth, as in her recent CBS interview.  She lies almost as much as her husband.

Compounding this pathological dishonesty are the natural consequences of aging, obesity, and health problems that strongly suggest a slowing down of her mental processes.  The ravages of immoral life and old age clearly have reduced her husband into a very dull mind, and it is likely that many of the same abuses of youth harrowing her husband are affecting her, too.

There is another aspect to her lying.  Hillary has a very ordinary brain, artificially inflated by the left because leftists always consider those who agree with them “smart.”  In college she followed the familiar path of lackey to leftism.  Hillary failed the District of Columbia Bar Examination; nearly everyone who takes it passes.  Her legal career was constructed around her husband’s political success.

Hillary has for decades been surrounded by flacks and toadies whose work is making Hillary seem and feel intelligent.  Some of the emails released from her server note that these minions, among themselves, note that she is often confused.  The numerous unforced errors in her campaign also suggest a rather mean old lady used to bullying rather than reasoning.  This, too, becomes over time a mental limp, a cognitive sloth, an atrophied intellect.

The stench of criminal conspiracy follows Hillary, and that is because Hillary is so utterly conspiratorial in nature, but these crimes are also so frequent that if the FBI and Justice Department does nothing, then the Justice Department itself may face future investigation – indeed, some of us may ask why we even need a department to protect criminals like Hillary.

Finally, Hillary cannot embrace that “change” Americans want when she has been a Washington insider so long.  How can Hillary campaign for those goals in a general election when the only real selling point she has is “experience”?  There is nothing Hillary says that is not hopelessly tired and hackneyed rhetoric, and nothing that inspires hope.

Forget the fact that she is finally dispatching the non-Democrat running against her for the Democrat nomination, and ignore the general polls today, which mean nothing.  Hillary will be swamped this November.

This article was originally posted at AmericanThinker.com