Carly Fiorina’s New Anti-Hillary Ad is Indescribably Awesome


Written by Dan Calabrese

Just in case Carly Fiorina is not the Republican nominee next year – and I’m starting to wonder if it’s a good idea not to nominate her – whoever does carry the flag needs to watch the following 3-minute ad at least 100 times. Not because there’s anything in here that you don’t already know if you’ve been paying attention, but because this is how you tell people about it:

I get the impression sometimes when I watch the Republicans who are running for president that they’re extremely nervous about really going for the jugular where Hillary Clinton is concerned. It’s almost as if Hillary presents the most ironic of conundrums: She’s so awful that if you tell it like it really is, you sound hopelessly over the top. People will react with Oh come on, she’s been around forever, she can’t be as bad as you’re making her out to be.

Oh goodness yes she is, and all you have to do to demonstrate it is walk people through some of her basic history. We’re not talking about making all kinds of wild claims based on conspiracy theories conceived by fringe voices. We’re talking about reminding the world of things that everyone knows – not only the clearly bad but also the lack of anything good.

If there’s any downside to Fiorina hitting this so well, I think it could be that a narrative develops whereby only Fiorina – because she’s a woman – can really lay the smack to Hillary as the smack needs to be laid. Assuming someone else wins the nomination, you could envision a scenario in which the male nominee makes Fiorina his go-to person for no-holds-barred Hillary attacks – while he stays blissfully above the fray. I think that would be a mistake. The nominee has to be able to present a positive vision for the country, first of all, and a solid plan for solving the nation’s problems. But he also has to be able to express in clear terms not only why Hillary would be such a terrible president, but why the Democratic Party deserves the nation’s eternal scorn for nominating such a craptastic individual for the highest office in the land.

What Fiorina has done here is show how it’s done. Three cheers is not enough to give her. But make no mistake: Just because Fiorina is so good at exposing Hillary for the inept fraud she is doesn’t mean it’s now “Carly’s job” to blast Hillary. It has to be everyone’s job, until there’s no one left in this country who remains deluded into taking Hillary seriously. We really can’t let you walk the streets if you’re that stupid.

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