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Pro-Christmas, Pro-Family and Unashamed

Written by David E. Smith

For as long as I can remember, Family PAC’s Paul Caprio has strongly urged conservative candidates to send Christmas cards to primary voters in their districts. At first I thought this wasn’t the best use of campaign resources and not a very policy-centric way to communicate to would-be voters. Yet, as I considered the up-side of a pro-Christmas, pro-family mailer, I became convinced of its genius. In fact, I now believe that my initial response severely underestimated it’s importance.… Continue Reading

For Clueless Thought Police, The Only Holy Day is The One That Excludes Christ

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Thanksgiving is past. December is once again upon us. It’s that time of year – that most wonderful time of the year – for our nation’s thought police to remind all of us heartland rubes, you know, the unwashed masses, that at the top of the “you-cannot-say-that” list is saying “Merry Christmas.”

It doesn’t matter that Christmas has been celebrated in the Western world since the fourth century. It doesn’t matter that Christmas has been a national holiday since 1870.… Continue Reading