Pro-Christmas, Pro-Family and Unashamed

Written by David E. Smith

For as long as I can remember, Family PAC’s Paul Caprio has strongly urged conservative candidates to send Christmas cards to primary voters in their districts. At first I thought this wasn’t the best use of campaign resources and not a very policy-centric way to communicate to would-be voters. Yet, as I considered the up-side of a pro-Christmas, pro-family mailer, I became convinced of its genius. In fact, I now believe that my initial response severely underestimated it’s importance.

What better way to let voters know unequivocally what’s important to the candidate without being being wonky? And in a political environment where the Apostles of Wokeism are trying to re-write and/or cancel Christian history, intentionally pro-claiming “Merry Christmas” is wonderfully counter-cultural too. And believe me, “progressive” Democrats in this state would like nothing more than to defeat Chris and Mary Miller in 2022. (That is why they went after them aggressively earlier this year.)

Chris and Mary Miller do an excellent job in communicating their values in their latest Christmas card, which has been mailed out to the good folk in their districts. “Faith, Family and Freedom” are priorities near and dear to their hearts. Chris serves as a state representative from the 110th district, and Mary serves as a U.S. Representative from the 15th district, both covering jurisdictions in southeastern Illinois. Notice that the verse chosen by the Millers point to Jesus as the Perfect Ruler and Prince of Peace.

In his run for Illinois governor, State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) and his wife Cindy have decided that they too were going to let primary voters in Illinois know that they are conservative Christians who profess the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. The verse chosen by the Bailey family is Psalm 98:4, which tells us to

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth;
break forth into joyous song and sing praises!

When was the last time you heard a leading candidate for Governor in Illinois encourage song and praise to the God of the Bible?

These values are inseparable from Darren and his wife, and they are also demonstrated by the fact that Darren picked Stephanie Trussell to run with him as lieutenant governor. She is a bold and unapologetic Christian woman whose conservative values run deep. Talk radio fans in the Chicago area are familiar with Stephanie from her years at WLS and then WIND. Darren’s choice here should be celebrated by the establishment media as a victory for diversity and intersectionality as Stephanie is a black grandmother from the suburbs. But don’t hold your breath. Her worldview is explicitly Christian conservative and for the media, that is nothing to celebrate. (More on Stephanie in a future article.)


It is encouraging to know there are candidates who are willing to publicly acknowledge Jesus’ birth and His significance to our world today. Mankind’s sinful condition requires a Savior. Sin and selfishness are our default positions (Romans 3:10-18). We simply cannot save ourselves from ourselves (Ephesians 2:12). It requires humility and an honest assessment. It requires confession and an honest plea for divine help (Acts 2:21; Romans 10:13; Joel 2:32; Psalm 34:6).

These are qualities that have been missing in too many of our political leaders.

The moral and fiscal situation in Illinois has only worsened over the years. Certainly we know by now that we need God’s help, and those who shake their fist at heaven are anything but contrite. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know that we have elected officials who are prayerfully seeking wisdom and submissively appealing for help from Almighty God on behalf of the people they serve? I believe our political and cultural landscape would look much different if we had officials who understand that God is the ultimate sovereign and that preeminent and righteous authority is not found in Springfield or in Washington D.C.

I’m betting that those who kneel before the Babe in the manger and proclaim to the world “the glories of His righteousness and wonders of His love” get it.