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SPOTLIGHT: Bishop Paprocki and Attorney Brejcha on Rotunda Nativity Scene

Written by David E. Smith

As the new year approaches, we close out 2021 with a nativity-focused edition of Spotlight. In our first segment, we feature the homily given by the Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki, Bishop of the Springfield Diocese, at the blessing of the nativity scene displayed in the Capitol rotunda of the Illinois Statehouse. The nativity crèche is a public expression of Christian faith and is presented, through private funding, by the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee.… Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT: Free Exercise of Religion on Display in the Capitol

Written by David E. Smith

This week’s edition of Spotlight begins with a focus on the importance of the nativity display at the Illinois state capitol – as well as the value of nativity scenes in state capitols and public places across the US — as Thomas Brejcha (from the Thomas More Society) joins our host, Monte Larrick.

Brejcha and Larrick discuss the connection between free exercise of religion and free speech, and they consider whether religious freedom is at risk in Illinois, especially in light of a democratic governor-elect and the supermajorities in the Illinois legislature.… Continue Reading

“Free Exercise of Religion on Display in the Capitol” (Illinois Family Spotlight #125)

This edition spotlights the nativity in the state capitol with Thomas Brejcha from the Thomas More Society.

Tom and Monte Larrick discuss free speech, bringing nativity scenes to state capitols nationwide, religious freedom at risk in Illinois with democratic supermajorities and governor, what the Thomas More Society does over the country, sidewalk counseling and the bubble-zone lawsuit, an update on lawsuits combating taxpayer funding of abortion and Illinois’ abortion referral law, a threat to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the importance of retaining Illinois’ parental notification of abortion, and legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia.… Continue Reading