SPOTLIGHT: Free Exercise of Religion on Display in the Capitol

Written by David E. Smith

This week’s edition of Spotlight begins with a focus on the importance of the nativity display at the Illinois state capitol – as well as the value of nativity scenes in state capitols and public places across the US — as Thomas Brejcha (from the Thomas More Society) joins our host, Monte Larrick.

Brejcha and Larrick discuss the connection between free exercise of religion and free speech, and they consider whether religious freedom is at risk in Illinois, especially in light of a democratic governor-elect and the supermajorities in the Illinois legislature. This podcast is bursting with information as Brejcha explains some of the nationwide work of the Thomas More Society in supporting sidewalk counseling and standing against bubble-zones. He also gives updates on lawsuits combating taxpayer funding of abortion and the status of Illinois’ abortion referral law. Rounding out the podcast, Brejcha and Larrick cover the ongoing threat to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the imperative to retain and enforce Illinois’ parental notification of abortion, and the need for preemptive vigilance against legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Please contact your state lawmakers and request them to support pro-life, pro-family values and oppose anti-life proposals in Springfield. Call (217) 782-2000.

Tom Brejcha has been litigating cases in federal and state courts over the last four and a half decades.  For the last 17 years, he has served as president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, defending the sanctity of life, religious liberty, and family values.

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