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A Word About the Satanic Statue Controversy

Written by Peter Heck

In case you missed it last week, it seems some small outfit called the Satanic Temple won the right – on religious freedom grounds – to display a statue of Baphomet, a satanic occult figure, in the Iowa capitol building. The spectacle was to appear for a period of two weeks, but thanks to a Navy veteran named Michael Cassidy, the freakish ram’s head-on-a-mannequin didn’t quite make it that long.

Claiming he was outraged by the “blasphemous statue,” Cassidy said his conscience drove him to chop the thing’s head off and topple it.… Continue Reading

“We Are A Forgetful People” (Illinois Family Spotlight #177)

The rotunda of the Illinois State Capitol is the setting for this edition of Spotlight. Monte Larrick interviewed Delbra Pratt of the Illinois Prayer Caucus Network following the December 3rd dedication of the nativity scene on display in the rotunda. They discuss the important messages that a nativity scene sends when featured in the public square and contrast that with the messages of the displays of the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the Chicago chapter of The Satanic Temple.Continue Reading

Monument to Satan Goes Up In Springfield

The State Journal-Register recently reported that a display from the Satanic Temple in Chicago is joining the nativity scene and menorah in the State House rotunda this Christmas season.

Make no mistake, this is a monument to evil next to a depiction of the most holy of nights.  David Drucker, spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office said the Satanic Temple-Chicago has the right, just like any religious organization, to put up their display in the rotunda.… Continue Reading