Monument to Satan Goes Up In Springfield

The State Journal-Register recently reported that a display from the Satanic Temple in Chicago is joining the nativity scene and menorah in the State House rotunda this Christmas season.

Make no mistake, this is a monument to evil next to a depiction of the most holy of nights.  David Drucker, spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office said the Satanic Temple-Chicago has the right, just like any religious organization, to put up their display in the rotunda. Under the First Amendment of the Constitution people have a right to express their feelings and thoughts, said Drucker.  If this were just any organization he might have a point, but this monument is a glorification of evil.  If not, why choose to identify yourself with a name that’s universally synonymous with evil?

The Satanic Temple’s choice of display comes straight out of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. It depicts the hand of a woman with a fruit and a snake wrapped around it. The woman is Eve, the fruit is the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden and the snake is Satan himself.  The Satanists pair their stated rejection of “tyrannical authority” with a visual representation of Adam and Eve’s rebellion.  This display is a direct attack on the authority of the God of the Bible and a celebration of the disobedience against Him that brought sin and death into the world.

Ironically, their display affirms the truth of the Bible and it is what you would expect from an organization dedicated to Satan, the Father of Lies and man’s greatest enemy.

Satanists claim to be secular, but this is nonsense suitable for only the most naive.  A quick look at their Facebook page tells a different story.  In one post red robed participants chant a repeating chorus of “Hail Satan!”  In another a woman sings a parody of the Christmas hymn, O Holy Night. A photo declares, “Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights.”

Whatever they claim, their mission is the denigration and mockery of Christianity.  They claim to be on the front lines against “encroaching theocracy,” yet strangely there is no mention of Sharia law.  In fact, if they were to publicly oppose Islam instead of Christianity one cannot imagine them being allowed to erect such a monument.

Satanists may have a legal right to do this, but they do not have a moral right. The general silence of Christians and their leaders over the years has clearly emboldened them – to the detriment of us all.

We are not at all concerned about the effect of this on Christians or Christianity. God cares for His own and can certainly take care of Himself.  But we are concerned that our silence communicates a dangerous message to the watching world:  that God isn’t real, that He doesn’t care and perhaps most destructive of all, that He will not judge.

We as God’s people dare not respond to this latest assault with more silence and apparent indifference.  The Church of Jesus Christ in Illinois must rise up and speak the truth about this.  Illinois pastors and church leaders, in particular, must be willing to call evil out. If not, then we have acquiesced to the point of complete uselessness to both God and man.  If not, we truly are the church of Laodicea and will be spit out of the mouth of God.

Take ACTION: We urge Illinois pastors and church leaders to stand and be counted.  Make a phone call. Send an email. Write a letter to the editor.  Do something.

There is no such thing as a silent witness.

Lastly, we urge calls to the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office to voice your concern.

800-252-8980 (toll free in Illinois)

217-785-3000 (outside Illinois)


Submitted by:

Bill Schlipp, Elder
David Paul, Elder
James Pittman Jr., Pastor
Teri Paulson, Worship Leader
New Hope Community Church, Palatine, IL