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Will Illinois Choose Pot Before Jobs?

Written by John Biver

In a high tax state that’s bankrupt and losing residents and jobs, one might think that our government officials would have better things to do than legalizing marijuana for recreational use. And one would be wrong. Especially when taxing marijuana is seen as yet another source of revenue for their almost bankrupt tax coffers.

The Illinois Church Action on Alcohol and Addiction Problems (ICAAAP) issued an alert this week bringing attention to the fact that there will be an advisory referendum on the Cook County Ballot calling on the state to legalize marijuana.Continue Reading

IFA-pac’s 2016 Primary Election Endorsements


2016 Primary Election

We strongly encourage you to vote in the March 15th primary election. Prior to going to the polls, make sure that you know where your candidates stand on life, natural marriage (one man/one woman), and religious freedom.  Please take a moment to check out IFA’s online voter guide at:

Illinois Family Action’s board members Dr. Barbara Bellar, Richard Hartian, Pastor John Kirkwood, Jan Klaas, Pastor Calvin Lindstrom, Pastor James Pittman, and Executive Director of IFA and IFA-pac David E.… Continue Reading

State Sen. Kyle McCarter Endorsed by The Club for Growth


Republican congressional candidate Kyle McCarter today welcomed the support of The Club for Growth PAC, which endorsed him over incumbent nominee John Shimkus.

“The Club for Growth is the gold standard of conservative principles, and their endorsement today demonstrates that my message of fiscal restraint, core values, and free market economics is reaching true conservatives,” McCarter said.

A member of the Illinois State Senate, McCarter is seeking the party nomination in the state’s 15th Congressional District, which comprises much of the state’s southeastern quadrant from Danville in the north, Metropolis in the south, and going west to Madison county in the metro east.… Continue Reading