IFA-pac’s 2016 Primary Election Endorsements


2016 Primary Election

We strongly encourage you to vote in the March 15th primary election. Prior to going to the polls, make sure that you know where your candidates stand on life, natural marriage (one man/one woman), and religious freedom.  Please take a moment to check out IFA’s online voter guide at: ILVoterGuide.com

Illinois Family Action’s board members Dr. Barbara Bellar, Richard Hartian, Pastor John Kirkwood, Jan Klaas, Pastor Calvin Lindstrom, Pastor James Pittman, and Executive Director of IFA and IFA-pac David E. Smith are pleased to endorse the following candidates for office in the 2016 primary election. Many of these endorsements reflect differences between candidates who hold pro-life and pro-family positions and those who do not.

This primary election is critical for the direction of life, marriage, and family issues in Illinois. We support these candidates because they have articulated personal commitment to pro-life and pro-marriage principles, or have a proven public-voting record that demonstrates a commitment to these bedrock principles.

We look forward to working with these candidates to advance pro-family policies once they are in office.

Federal Races:

Presidential – Ted Cruz

U.S. Senate – James Marter

U.S. House Dist. 6 – Jay Kinzler

U.S. House Dist. 11 – Tonia Khouri, Herman White, and Nick Stella

U.S. House Dist. 13 – Ethan Vandersand

U.S. House Dist. 15 – Kyle McCarter

U.S. House Dist. 17 – Patrick Harlan

Illinois General Assembly Races:

State Senate Dist. 19 – Max Solomon

State Senate Dist. 26 – Dan McConchie

State Senate Dist. 50 – Sam McCann

State Senate Dist. 55 – Dale Righter

State Senate Dist. 58 – Sharee Langenstein

State Rep. Dist. 66 – Daniel Wilbrandt

State Rep. Dist. 72 – Jordan Thoms

State Rep. Dist. 74 – Daniel Swanson

State Rep. Dist. 76 –  Jerry Long

State Rep. Dist. 95 – Avery Bourne

State Rep. Dist. 102 – Brad Halbrook

State Rep. Dist. 109 – David Reis 

State Rep. Dist. 110 – Reggie Philipps

For more information, please check out the Illinois Family Institute voter guide and/or the Illinois Family Action online voter guide at ILVoterGuide.org.


Resources we raised last year for a 501c3 cannot be used for our 501c4 political activities and cannot be used to directly support candidates. Therefore, we must raise funds for these specific efforts through Illinois Family Action and it’s PAC, which will in turn help us better accomplish our 501c3 goals.

Please consider donating $25 to IFA-pac to enable our more direct participation in political activities that create a strong and effective voice for pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-family decisions in the Land of Lincoln.

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