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Let’s Call The LGBTQIA+ Movement What It Is: SIN

Written by Dr. Everette Piper

[Last] week William E. Wolfe, former deputy assistant secretary of the Department of Defense in the Trump administration, tweeted: “The data makes [it] very clear. The continuing increase of younger generations identifying as LGBTQIA+ is an inorganic, manufactured social contagion spread by social media.”

While many of us may be at the front of the line of tens of thousands (and hopefully more) who eagerly agree with Mr. Wolfe’s characterization of what he then describes as a “nation in moral free fall,” there is one basic question we should all be asking: “Manufactured social contagion; absolutely, but why don’t we just call it what it is — sin?”… Continue Reading

Critical Race Theory is the Opposite of Christianity

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

This past week I was contacted by a reporter from the Religion News Service. His reason for calling me was to get my views concerning critical race theory. He wanted to know why I opposed it.

I told the reporter that I am against CRT because it is the exact opposite of the Gospel of Christ. “How so?” he asked.

“Well,” I said, “First of all, CRT is grounded in revenge.… Continue Reading

Civilized Man Will Soon Revile Abortion as it Does Slavery

Written by Peter Heck

One of the most remarkable stories you’ll read is that of John Newton, author of the globally famous song Amazing Grace.  Newton was a slave ship captain who repented of his sins, became a minister, and whose personal testimonies of the horrors of the slave trade were used effectively by the great William Wilberforce to prosecute the practice before Parliament.

But here’s what few people realize about Newton’s life: his conversion to Christ did not lead to his immediate deliverance from the life of a slave trader. … Continue Reading