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Only 13 Days Away! Are You Ready?


Written by David E. Smith

Illinois Family Action is proud to offer perhaps the best online voter guide yet: Its purpose is to equip Christians with the tools to vote wisely in local, state and national elections.

You will enjoy the in-depth candidate comparisons on state and federal-level candidates. You will also find endorsements from IFA-pac as well. provides an in-depth and non-partisan perspective on candidates, identifying where the candidates fall on a scale from “very liberal” to “very conservative.”… Continue Reading

Check Out The IFA Online Voter Guide!

IFA_Voter Guide online

Written by David E. Smith

Illinois Family Action is excited to announce the best voting resource for the Illinois elections is back online – the IFA Voter Guide – now available for concerned citizens at

This free online voter guide is an evaluation of candidates and includes a detailed summary of important information that will help inform you on where the candidates stand on important issues like religious liberty, natural marriage, and the sanctity of life.… Continue Reading