“Critical Grace Reality” (Illinois Family Spotlight #250)

Ever wonder why most secularists seem perpetually angry? Consider the possibility that they are trying to be justified by works–dry bones trying to walk around all by themselves. This phenomena is especially evident in Critical Race Theory (CRT), where people are either prompted to feel like they are the chosen “race,” or are told that they are inherently evil and can only be saved by keeping the “antiracist” law. There is no grace in CRT, only judgement and condemnation. It is a new gospel, one where people are justified by being “antiracists.”

Enter the true gospel, the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Humans are, indeed, all sinners, only saved by grace through faith in the saving work of Christ. Pastor Ceasar LeFlore terms it, for this context, “Critical Grace Theory.” Pastor LeFlore joins Monte Larrick and David Smith to discuss racism in America, CRT, IFI’s upcoming worldview conference on that issue, the centrality of agape love (a self-denying love), the mega issue of Christian kids in government schools (parents, get them out), and much more.

Pastor Ceasar LeFlore is an IFI board member and has served extensively with pro-life and pro-family ministries in Illinois and nationally including 40 Days for Life, the Southland Coalition for Life, The Beloved Community Development Coalition, and Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN).

"Critical Grace Reality" (Illinois Family Spotlight #250)