“Relationship Anarchy” (Illinois Family Spotlight #188)

The first half of this week’s Spotlight podcast features Christian broadcaster Janet Mefferd’s interview with IFI’s cultural affairs writer, Laurie Higgins. Their conversation centers on the American Psychological Association’s Division 44: Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity and the numerous task forces within this division that strive to destigmatize and normalize deviant sexual practices such as polyamory, “ethical” non-monogamous relationships, minor attraction, and more.

Spotlight continues after the break with highlights from a Concerned Citizens for America forum in Rockford. In this excerpt, Laurie Higgins addresses persecution of outspoken believers and the need for bold speech. She also fields questions regarding the integration of private spaces in our public schools; church-aided options for families who want to escape government schools; femininity, masculinity, and affirmation of biological sexual identity; and the dangers inherent in the resurrected Equal Rights Amendment.

"Relationship Anarchy" (Illinois Family Spotlight #188)