“It’s Frankenstein-y and We’re Doing This to Children!” (Illinois Family Spotlight #172)

It is imperative to know the truth in order to refute lies. Illinois Family Institute’s cultural affairs writer, Laurie Higgins, is well-acquainted with the truth regarding the lies of “trans” ideology. At a recent forum hosted by Concerned Citizens for American in Rockford, Laurie states that biological sex and scientific facts matter, despite what the proponents of this false, destructive ideology would have us believe.

In her presentation, Laurie clearly defines the terms biological sex, gender, and gender identity. She addresses the gender ideology indoctrination of public school students as young as five and also discusses gender dysphoria and body integrity identity disorder, the nitty-gritty of transitioning and de-transitioning, the inherent danger of puberty blockers, the misuse of pronouns, and the Equality Act.

Please listen to the valuable information in this edition of Spotlight in order to be educated and equipped to speak out boldly on these issues – and please share this podcast with family and friends.

Illinois Family Spotlight
Illinois Family Spotlight
"It's Frankenstein-y and We're Doing This to Children!" (Illinois Family Spotlight #172)