“How Can My Vote Glorify God?” (Illinois Family Spotlight #116)

Dr. Eric Wallace joins Monte Larrick in this podcast. Dr. Wallace is the president of the Freedom’s Journal Institute. A former pastor, adjunct professor, author, military, and political candidate are descriptors used by others to describe Dr. Wallace. However, he prefers to be recognized first and foremost as a believer in Jesus Christ and a servant of God.

They converse on the criteria for identifying a candidate who deserves your vote, christian conservatives deserting their biblical values when voting, racism in the church, and what we as Christians can do to combat racism.

In the second half, Dr. Wallace makes a case for Christians to be one-issue voters, and his reaction on targeting black women for abortion, what Christians are doing to promote the issues they vote for, and the push to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois.


"How Can My Vote Glorify God?" (Illinois Family Spotlight #116)