Exposing Deep State Corruption – Illinois State Board of Elections Outed?

Written by Nancy Hayes

Illinois Republican candidate Adam Niemerg was removed from the ballot for the upcoming March primary due to failure to “properly notarize his statement of candidacy.”

This was ruled a failure on Niemerg’s part to fulfill his obligation under the Illinois Notary Act.

Recently, two citizens asked the Illinois State Board of Elections to follow these same statutes for Joe Biden for President. It appears that like Niemerg, Biden is also in violation of the Illinois Notary Act for failure to “properly notarize his statement of candidacy.”

But we probably do not need to be reminded of the Democrats’ motto since Biden took office in 2020, which seems to be, “Rules for THEE, but not for me!”

When Black Lives Matter demonstrators rioted in the streets of Chicago, starting fires, jumping on cars, smashing windows, and stealing thousands of dollars in retail goods, did we round any of them up? Did we hold them in jail without due process? Did we charge them with major crimes? No.

Yet following January 6, 2021, that’s exactly what our government did with many patriotic citizens who were later seen on video waving American flags, smiling, and even being led into the Capitol building and taking pictures with many Capitol Police Officers. Sadly some citizens are still being arrested for the left’s alleged “insurrection” on January 6th.

Rules for THEE, but not for me.

When Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon were charged with being “in contempt” of Congress, they were both sentenced to four months in jail. Bannon still awaits his appeal.

Hunter Biden, on the other hand, did the same thing and it’s like a mainstream media joke. No big deal.

Rules for THEE, but not for me.

How about tax evasion? Were Pete Rose, Leona Helmsley, Wesley Snipes, or Ja Rule sentenced to a few months in jail for tax evasion?

Hunter owes $1.4 million in taxes…Anyone? Anyone?

Rules for THEE, but not for me.

Then there’s Hunter lying about drugs and buying a gun.

I highly doubt you or I could have escaped a charge of the same crime.

Rules for THEE, but not for me.

Of course, we could talk about the classified documents found in Biden’s unlocked garage, and the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, but again…

Rules for THEE, but not for me.

So here we are. The Illinois State Board of Elections voted UNANIMOUSLY to hear the argument from Officer David Herman’s recommendation and strike Niemerg’s name from the ballot. The question is: Will the Board play by the same rules concerning Biden as it did for Niemerg?

Or will this just be another Rules for THEE, but not for me incident that we add to the rest of the pile?

It would seem, based on a previous Illinois Supreme Court ruling in 2000 (DeFabio vs. Gummersheimer), that the notary provision of Illinois election law is mandatory, NOT directory.

It would also seem that the State Board of Elections does NOT have the authority to supersede the ruling of the Court and must adhere to the ruling in the case from 2000.

To claim that the 2024 Presidential Guide is authoritative is not a substitute for a mandatory provision in state law.

The state statute (5 ILCS 312/2-101) says an Illinois notary or officer must reside in Illinois or have a place of business in Illinois. This is a critical distinction, especially because that officer is subject to subpoena and service WITHIN the boundaries of Illinois by the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The statute governing a Statement of Candidacy (10 ILCS 5/10-5) explicitly requires the notarial act to be performed by “some officer authorized to take acknowledgments of deeds in this state.”

That is clearly stated in the state statute.

After all, how can the Notarial Act on a Statement of Candidacy be performed by an officer who is NOT in this state and CANNOT take acknowledgments of deeds IN THIS STATE?

Are we going to again declare… Rules for THEE, but not for me?

Or will the Illinois State Board of Elections follow the law?

Will Niemerg and Biden’s Statement of Candidacy be treated the same when it comes to applying the state statutes and the Notary Act by the Illinois State Board of Elections? Or will it just be more exposure of the Deep State of Corruption, thus revealing the Board of Elections not as an impartial administrator of Illinois elections, but as an agent of the powerful?

Rules for THEE, but NOT for ME.

Nancy Hayes is a Christian wife, mother and educator on election integrity for several  grassroots organizations across Illinois. She is also a Deputy Committeeman at Lemont Township Republican Organization and a Board Member at United Southland Republican Women-Chgo SW Suburbs.