Even High Profile Democrats Claim That Voter Fraud Is A Major Problem

Written by David E. Smith

If you think that voter fraud is a fabricated issue, conjured up by Republicans who were desperate over the 2020 election results, then you need to watch the video at the end of this introduction.


One America News Network’s Pearson Sharp provides us a formidable lineup of Democrat—yes, Democrat—officials who all have sounded the alarm over the vulnerabilities of America’s voting machines. All at various points in time, Democrat politicians such as Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Amy Klobuchar, Adam Schiff, Ron Wyden, and many other government officials have warned Americans about the threat of hackers and foreign agents meddling in American elections. 


And the politicians have been soundly corroborated by the experts. Sharp’s lineup includes testimony from several cybersecurity experts who all confirmed the basic message: America’s voting infrastructure is out-of-date and vulnerable to attack. One computer science expert explained that his undergrad security class could have probably changed the outcome of a state election if they really wanted to.


As the evidence overwhelmingly piles up throughout this video, Sharp draws one overall conclusion: OAN has simply been reporting the same vulnerabilities in election security that prominent Democrats had reported before the 2020 election. But, as Sharp puts it, “The difference is, they’re allowed to say those things, and we’re not.”