President Biden is a Liar

Written by Dr. Everett Piper

Have you ever wondered how President Biden could lie so often and so egregiously? Have you ever asked yourself how anyone can stand before millions of people on a near-daily basis and say things that are so blatantly false and do so with a straight face and an apparent clear conscience?

By almost any measure, Mr. Biden is a proven fraud and a pathological liar of the highest order.

Over the past few weeks alone, the president has repeatedly lied about his business dealings with his corrupt son. He has lied about inflation. He has lied about gas prices. He has lied about creating new jobs. He has lied about the national deficit. And he has lied about our nation’s borders.

The list could go on, but none of it should surprise anyone. For those of us who took five minutes to do our research before the 2020 election, we knew this was coming.

If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (and it is), we knew Mr. Biden was a prevaricator in the extreme.

For example, back in the 1980s, when then-U.S. Senator Joe Biden ran for president for the first time, his campaign imploded over a swarm of lies he’d repeated across the country. First, Mr. Biden was caught plagiarizing a famous speech from British Labor Party Leader Neil Kinnock. Then he plagiarized another speech from Robert F. Kennedy, another from John F. Kennedy and another from former U.S. Senator Hubert Humphrey.

Then Mr. Biden was caught lying about academic awards that he never earned, about scholarships that he never received, and about his ranking in law school, stating he graduated in the top half of his class when, in fact, he finished 76th of 85.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Civil rights activist Shaun King says that Mr. Biden is a baldfaced liar about his involvement in our nation’s march for civil rights. After going into great detail about each one of Mr. Biden‘s lies concerning his engagement with the Black community, Mr. King offers this summary:

“Joe Biden … on the backs of people who actually paid an enormous price for being activists and organizers in the Civil Rights Movement, [creates] a completely false narrative of his work and contributions.”

In other words, Mr. Biden repeatedly claims that he took part in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and not a word of it is true. It never happened.

He’s lying.

But there is more. A lot more.

In 1972, Mr. Biden‘s first wife, Neilia, and his 1-year-old daughter, Naomi, lost their lives in a terrible car crash. Immediately after the crisis, Mr. Biden began spinning the tragedy to his political benefit by claiming that Curtis C. Dunn, the driver of the tractor-trailer that hit Mrs. Biden‘s car, was drunk at the time.

But it’s not true. Not even close. The fact is that Mrs. Biden failed to yield the right of way, and Dunn put his life in jeopardy by trying to avoid hitting her.

This was confirmed by Delaware Superior Court Judge Jerome O. Herlihy, who went on record saying that Dunn was cleared of any wrongdoing, and there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever supporting Mr. Biden‘s claims against him.

Through his entire public life, Mr. Biden has shown himself to have a propensity to lie.

He has lied to his professors. He has lied to his constituents. He has lied about his academic work. He has lied about his speeches. He has lied about his support of civil rights. He has even lied about the death of his own wife and young daughter.

And today, he continues to lie to us about his son, Russia, Ukraine, the Chinese Communist Party, COVID-19, the economy, border security, and himself.

How can any one man tell so many lies? Perhaps Jesus answers it best: “You are of your father the devil … for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Mr. Biden‘s behavior is not that of a goodly grandfather with a fading memory or that of a favorite uncle who spins a good yarn. No.

Such shameless deceit is not the behavior of a decent man but rather that of a devil, and God help us that this man is our president.

Dr. Everett Piper (, @dreverettpiper), is a former university president and radio host. He is the author of “Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” and Grow Up! Life Isn’t Safe But It’s Good, both published by Regnery. This article was originally published by The Washington Times.

Dr. Piper has been a featured speaker in dozens of venues including the Values Voter Summit, the Council for National Policy, the Young American Foundation, the National Congress for Families, and the inaugural ceremony for the United States Department of Health and Human Service’s and Office of Civil Rights creation of a new division for religious freedom. Go here to listen and watch these and/or for more info.