Biden Family Corruption and Anticipated Impeachment

Written by David E. Smith

The U.S. House Oversight Committee has been investigating the business dealings of Hunter Biden and his associates since 2020. In recent months, the committee has held a number of closed-door depositions with witnesses, including former Hunter Biden business associates Devon Archer and Tony Bobulinski.

Archer testified that he met with Hunter Biden in 2014 to discuss a business deal in China. Archer said that Hunter Biden told him that he was “looking for a way to get involved in China” and that he wanted to use Archer’s connections to help him do so. Archer said that he subsequently introduced Hunter Biden to a Chinese businessman named Ye Jianming, who was the chairman of the CEFC China Energy Company.

Bobulinski testified that he was a business associate of Hunter Biden’s from 2015 to 2019. Bobulinski said that he was involved in a business deal with Hunter Biden and Ye Jianming to develop a natural gas pipeline in Ukraine. Bobulinski said that he was given a copy of board meeting minutes that showed that Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, was aware of the business deal.

This is an important national story about bribery and about selling political influence from the highest offices in the United States. Democrats want to dismiss this story, saying “there’s nothing here. This is old news.” And yet there’s all kinds of new news coming out, with all kinds of corroborating detail, and by multiple sources.  It’s bad enough that there’s potential bribery. Good heavens. But can you imagine the leverage China has over a sitting president whose son is under federal investigation for bribing Chinese officials? This is real life, friends. This is our security.

Again, we highly recommend watching/listening to this episode of the Ben Shapiro Show to learn more about the latest developments in this shocking scandal.

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