Why Did Speaker McCarthy Keep Pelosi’s House ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Office?

Written by Daniel Horowitz

Is it too much to ask that nearly 250 years after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, we finally treat people equally?

For decades, Republicans have engaged in a drag race with Democrats to pander to the gods of “diversity” and affirmative action rather than supporting a pure meritocracy in which all public policy and legal decisions are 100% blind to the physical identity of a human being. However, over the past few years, there has finally been a great awakening among conservatives, largely impelled by the radical push for “critical race theory” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs, to shed their fear of being called names and rather pursue truth, equality, and justice in a color-blind meritocracy.

To that end, there is a consensus among Republicans to push back against CRT programs within the federal government. Many state legislatures are passing legislation banning it in K-12 education, and governors like Ron DeSantis have banned it in publicly funded higher education. Undoubtedly, the presidential candidates will campaign on the categorical cessation of race-based policies and lawmaking. In the meantime, Democrats still control the White House and the U.S. Senate, which will pose an obstacle to immediately ending some of these programs. But what if I told you that there is one program that U.S. House Republicans – the more conservative wing of the party – could unilaterally have ended without the other branches? Well, it turns out that Speaker McCarthy missed his one chance to crush this societal ill of affirmative action over meritocracy in his own sphere of influence.

Listed early on in the 52-page rules package drafted by McCarthy’s team is the continuation of a recently created office of “Diversity and Inclusion” within the U.S. House.

As you can see, the office is designed to tip the balance of hiring of personnel within the U.S. House toward “diversity,” which anyone who wasn’t born yesterday knows is a code word for “anyone but white people.” Why would there possibly be a need to monitor, guide, and evaluate the census of how many white people work as staffers to members? Each member knows his or her needs and makes hiring decisions based on the skills of the applicants. What is the purpose of this office other than being used to harass members about arbitrary thresholds in this inane color war?

Obviously, when taking over government from Democrats, there is a lot of rot that needs to be disinfected, but this is not the vast leviathan of the executive branch. There are a finite number of offices in the legislative branch. The rules packages is carefully drafted and negotiated, and this was placed on page 3, right next to the offices of Chaplain, Inspector General, House Historian, and General Counsel. This clearly wasn’t an oversight.

This concept of census-taking on U.S. House staff is so radical that Nancy Pelosi never thought of it during her first decade in office. Pelosi established the office fairly recently, in 2019, and installed a radical leftist leader in the DEI movement to head it. There is even a Twitter account where, even under Speaker McCarthy, the office celebrates every random holiday or international day recognizing everyone in humanity except for white people. Not all of it is necessarily bad, but it serves as a superfluous tool for accentuating divisions rather than uniting under our motto: E pluribus unum.

The director of the office is Pelosi’s holdover, whose opening line of her bio includes the insane pagan pronoun prayer ritual. She has the bio of someone out of central casting for a job as high priestess in the global communist church of intersectionality.

What’s quite evident is that even as GOP leaders attempt to update their rhetoric to comport with the concerns and sentiments of their base voters, they still cannot shed their inertia to pander to the spirit of the age. To truly embrace a message of “unity is our strength,” Republicans will need to slay their idols of diversity. They cannot continue to have it both ways.

Daniel Horowitz is a senior editor of TheBlaze and host of the Conservative Review podcast. He writes on the most decisive battleground issues of our times, including the theft of American sovereignty through illegal immigration, the theft of American liberty through tyranny, and the theft of American law and order through criminal justice “reform.”