Share These Candidate Comparisons on Social Media

Written by David E. Smith

The voting record and agenda of Illinois Democrats can only be described as far left on the political spectrum. We could justifiably call them extreme. But the deceptive media in Illinois will never identify them honestly because they are collaborators in creating a godless socialist culture.

Below we have posted a number of comparison graphics for candidates running for federal and state legislative seats. We’ve listed them by governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Illinois Senate and Illinois House district numbers.

Many of the previous district numbers have changed. When you click on these, you’ll find voting records and comparison memes for the candidates running in those districts. Please download the ones you believe are important and share them on your social media pages.

Many of your neighbors, church friends, and family members are likely unaware that the elected officials that represent us are voting this way. In fact, their votes shock most people. These elected officials must be held accountable–that is, retired–by the voters in this election for their part in creating bedlam in the Land of Lincoln.

So please share this information, and thank you in advance for helping to turn this state back into a place where families can thrive.

Also, most people don’t understand what effect Amendment 1, if passed by the voters, will have on Illinois. Click HERE to read the first in a series of articles on why this ballot initiative must be rejected.

Please click on the orange button to find your new districts and the candidates who are running. Write down those numbers and come back to check to see if they are listed below.


Governor Comparison   Endorsements   Social Media Memes


U.S. Senate


U.S. House District 2

U.S. House District 4

U.S. House District 5

U.S. House District 6

U.S. House District 8

U.S. House District 9

U.S. House District 13


State Senate 17  Anthony Wilson is a write-in candidate

State Senate 18

State Senate 21

State Senate 25   Karina Villa voting record

State Senate 27

State Senate 31   Mary Edly-Allen previous voting record

State Senate 32

State Senate 34  Steve Stadelman voting record

State Senate 36

State Senate 40  Part 1   Part 2

State Senate 43

State Senate 45

State Senate 46


State House 6

State House 8

State House 12

State House 13

State House 15

State House 18

State House 21

State House 22

State House 30

State House 31

State House 32

State House 34

State House 35  Part 1  Part 2

State House 36

State House 38

State House 44

State House 45

State House 46

State House 50

State House 52

State House 53

State House 54

State House 58

State House 61

State House 63

State House 64   Tom Weber voting record

State House 65   Dan Ugaste voting record

State House 66    Suzanne Ness voting record

State House 69

State House 71   Daniel Swanson voting record

State House 72

State House 75

State House 76

State House 79

State House 80

State House 85

State House 86

State House 92

State House 96

State House 97

State House 98

State House 111

State House 112   Katie Stuart voting record

State House 113

State House 114   Part 1   Part 2

State House 118 

Voter turnout in the last Midterm Election (2018) was just below 49 percent. It may be higher this cycle, but we must work hard to get Christian conservatives motivated and overwhelm the Left’s agenda to push social justice wokeism on our families! With your help, we have a good chance flip dozens of seats from godless to god-fearing. Only then can we hope to see our state moving in the right direction.